Age 18 – I was scared, depressed, lonely, and desperate. Just lost virginity!


Yesterday, on my 93nd day of NoFap: Hard Mode, I lost my virginity to my girlfriend, and it was amazing. I never ever thought that I could get this far. I was scared, depressed, lonely, and desperate when I first began this challenge…And now I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am happier than ever with my Angel of a partner, I have a newfound confidence that could only come from the avid persistence of willpower that prevails through an addiction.

For those of you who have read my post before, thank you for doing so. If you would like to hear my story from the beginning, here it is.

My only regret now is that I must take down my 90+ no PMO, since I technically had an orgasm. I wish I could keep the 93 day badge, and then add on to it a badge representing the days I continue to go with no porn and masturbation (which i intend to keep for life).

Either way, I can wholeheartedly say thank you to this wonderful community of men and women alike. Your work has inspired tens of thousands of people. So please, never stop!

LINK – I finished my reboot, and lost my virginity.

by Amaterasuke