Age 18 – I’m just really happy, don’t ever want to go back to those days

  • Social Anxiety fucked me up, I lost so many close friends due to me not wanting to talk to them. When I did talk to people I always thought I was inferior to them and so tried to please them acting like a lil bitch.
  • I got anxiety over the smallest things and it would make me feel horrible throughout the day. eg. stressing over talking to cashiers.
  • Found it very difficult to talk to girls.
  • Not much energy and very irritable.
  • Not happy in general.


  • I actually don’t care about a lot of ‘bad’ shit now lol.
  • I’m a lot more confident and just speak my mind which is a lot more freeing than thinking of what to say just to get a good response out of someone.
  • I’m really happy, I go by thinking that one day ‘im gonna die so I may as well enjoy all life has to offer, and i’m not just talking about the happy times, I fully embrace when I feel down which always ends up in me learning a lesson.
  • I treat girls like normal humans lol, I don’t know why I put them on a pedestal before. They’re not all that amazing lol. I can now just speak my mind to girls which helps me find the ones that are amazing.
  • I enjoy studying lol, it may sound weird but i’m actully hungry to learn more and not so i can get a good grade, obviusly that’s the end goal but i’m genuinely interested in what i’m studying.

It’s actually insane how much you change throughout the 90 days. The first week is one of the hardest but after it gets easier. A lot changed but the most important thing imo is that i’m just really happy, i don’t ever want to go back to those days. I’m 18.

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By Aamir__