Age 18 – I’ve grown up

This is definitely not my first attempt. I had previously gotten to over 100 days about a year ago or so, but went through a rough patch of fapping. I am currently 18 years old and have noticed when I’m on nofap my mind feels clear.

I feel more energy throughout the day and I just overall feel more “clean”

Just got asked for casual sex from a girl that just recently broke up with her boyfriend. I denied her, she asked where my “old perverted” self went. I simply said I grew up.

Nofap has taught me there’s more to life then just sex. It’s about appreciating someone you actually care for and having that experience together with love and passion instead of just having sex to have sex.

These past 76 days have made me realize that and I want to thank this community for helping me realize there’s so much more to life than lusting 24/7. If I can do it you can too my fellow fapstronauts! here is a link of the screenshots for the conversation, i hope thats sufficient evidence for you guys!

LINK – I’ve grown up

by Calzonie18

UPDATE (day 177)

Prior to nofap I tended to over think a lot of situations, always considering how certain actions would make other people think of me. I would always try to find a way out of a social encounter with a stranger/acquaintance and never took risks with girls(tell them how I feel/flirt). After nofap I realized that always worrying about other people and how they think of you is only gonna hold you back, and that if you don’t man up and take a risk in your life, then there is no point in trying to succeed.

Personally I never had issues with Ed throughout nofap. I took up the challenge to help myself grow socially and it has helped tremendously!