Age 18 – Libido fired up, happier and no longer depressed, actually feeling alive


I’m 18. I dated a girl once who was gorgeous, but when it was time to get in action, I couldn’t last much. Sometimes it didn’t even lift. Somehow I wasn’t attracted to a beautiful woman. After that episode, I kept masturbating to porn, I didn’t even think that it happened because of PMO. After discovering NoFap, I thought “that’s why!!!”, so I started NoFap. 🙂

It’s been 81 days away from porn already, yay! This post won’t be about the NoFap benefits, y’all know all of them already, so I’ll be short: NoFap has given me a better life, I’m happier and no longer depressed, actually feeling alive.

NoFap is a true savior, but it doesn’t get any easier. I’ve got to the 80 days mark and I want you to know that relapsing stills something to be aware of. I feel better, I’ve been away from porn for quite a while, but when the urges comes and you just hold yourself strongly, considering watching porn is actually true.

Our brain knows that there’s porn available anytime for us to have some pleasure – and we indeed like pleasure. Sometimes you’re scrolling down on Facebook and you see a hot women picture. Maybe you’re on Instagram and you step on women wearing bikinis pictures, or a profile filled with hot models on triggering poses. The Internet is full of triggering content that you may step on into, but don’t let the “if it’s not porn, it’s fine” thinking fool you, it’s not fine. If you get yourself hoping to step on these pictures “accidentally”, you’re getting yourself in trouble.

Someday you’ll get urges. Someday you’ll have a wet dream. Someday you’ll see some pictures. Someday you might not be able to hold yourself, and it can happen anytime.

Beware, boys. 81 days, 100 days, 3 years and so on aren’t enough for you to consider yourself safe from porn, you never know. If you ever consider relapsing, remember why you started. The old you wants to be you today, stay strong.

Relapsing is much easier than people think. Ignoring urges and temptation is easier, but falling for them is easy as well.

I believe I am [over my PIED]. I mean, I have urges where I get a boner, but I didn’t have the opportunity to have sex yet. I think that everything is gonna go right because I’m dying to have sex.

LINK – I can’t believe it 90 days !!!!!

By crismalak