Age 18 – Life just way better on every front

Here’s a little background info. I was addicted to PMO for a couple years when I joined September 28. I did not have PIED. Somewhere in October I began a 45-day streak. This first streak was filled with edging, however. January 7 or so I began my 89-day streak.

This time I only edged once or twice, but towards the end I started getting cocky and thinking I was invincible.

I’m not a big fan of the term “superpowers” but life was just way better on every front. It was life as it was intended to be. It was just amazing, hard to explain.

I began to peek at sexy pictures on the explore page of Instagram. (I’ve learned my lesson. Never going back to the explore page. Just staying on my personal feed.) In the end, I ruined my glorious streak to a Target commercial. I fapped to a Target commercial. One more time…a Target commercial. Some commercial with some girls in bikini and it really got me going

Between each of my streaks, I always have a few weeks of PMO’ing every other day. I am determined not to make the same mistakes. Sadly, this last week was filled with PMO. Not again. I will pick myself back up and continue the journey. I will break past 90 days and never look back. My first streak I edged too much. My second streak I peeked too much. This is going to be my third streak and I’ll finally get it right.

Now I’ll share a few tips with y’all that really made the difference and helped me get started: First off, know the pitfalls and triggers. My main pitfall is just lying in my room with nothing to do. I generally stay out of my room unless I’m working out or sleeping.

Secondly, make a list of things you need to do and things you absolutely cannot do. I have this list on my phone and I read it aloud every morning and night. Every time I relapse I add a couple items to the list.

I’d say one of the biggest things I did that worked for me was that I got completely off NoFap after I felt confident enough. I love this subreddit but I hate the reasons why I have to come here. I just want to move on from PMO asap.

Finally, there must be consequences. Of course, there are consequences such as brain fog, fatigue, and depression, but I like to impose more noticeable and concrete consequences. Whenever I PMO, I’m not allowed to use Instagram, YouTube, or Netflix for a week.

Thanks to everyone who schlupped their way through this probably sloppily written rant. This is my way of putting myself back in the game and holding myself accountable.

I’m 18. Thankfully, I didn’t use porn as long as many people here. Just a couple years. I quit because of my Christian beliefs.

LINK – I was one day shy of the big, shining 90 days and I relapsed.

By NotAnAustrian