Age 18 – Loneliness and depression gone, more energy, new interests, funnier jokes


l am an 18 year old male who hasn’t masturbated in two years. Anyone with questions or advice about NoFap feel free to ask and l’ll answer to the best of my ability based on my experience. In short what l’ve experienced is the following;

  1. A surge of confidence and self esteem
  2. A lack of regard for others’ thoughts and judgements
  3. Feeling happier and more energized
  4. Being motivated and executing what motivates you
  5. Naturally talking with people, especially women with ease. And being more attractive to them.
  6. A clearing of acne and other skin conditions
  7. Lack of lonleliness and depressing feelings

Any questions about the above and l’ll be happy to answer.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Nope. I’ve been dating perpetually all year and have had relationships come and go. It’s fairly rare that l don’t have something going on with a girl. It definetely helped with my ability to socialize with not only girls, but people in general. I make funnier jokes and talking with women and men alike feels very natural. Confidence is abundant.

“How’s your motivation and energy levels?” My motivation went through the roof after NoFap. I’ve built a stable source of income as a magician, l play in a jazz quintet, l attend a philosophy club with professors, and l consistently work out. All things l never would have done before. My energy levels did increase, but that could be due to working out, sleeping right, being happier etc.

“What were your habits like before you stopped masturbating and how challenging was it to quit?” Before l stopped masturbating l was jerking off to porn at least once, sometimes up to three times a day. I found it very challenging but after around the one month mark it became gradually easier. At this point l have no desire to masturbate and l’m quite disgusted with porn. I found that when l replaced masturbation with passions and pleasures the need subsided completely. Pursue what motivates you! It’ll make it a lot easier and eventually you wont feel any desire whatsoever. I mean that.

“What makes you continue?” I’m not continuing a journey or forever fighting a battle. It’s effortless at this point and l simply like living like this a lot more. There isn’t something making me continue, l just enjoy this lifestyle.

LINK – Haven’t Masturbated in Two Years! AMA

By Jiladah