Age 18 – Many incredible things have happened to me over these three great years.

Many incredible things have happened to me over these three great years. I I started this out as a freshman in high school, my intentions were a bit different though, at first I just wanted to have a girlfriend and make out like a typical teenage boy.

I started going on this site’s seduction subreddit to get some helpful insight on why I kept choking up when I tried talking to girls. I remember clicking on a few studies on the effects of porn on the brain. The data received and the conclusions made from the experiment convinced me to quit this vice.

I created a Reddit account the next day, for the sole purpose of beating this and meeting cute girls.

I struggled to get the 90 days, but I was still improving every time that I attempted this again. I honestly did feel the superpowers when I hit the four week mark, I was a party. I just felt amazing overall. I excelled in everything that I did, I even got good grades for the first time.

The best part is that I finally got to talk to my crush(I threw up after my first conversation with her.) We were dating, and I honestly don’t think I will be as happy as I was when I was 15. For the first time in my life I felt good, and life was great. I got in tip top shape too. I met many beautiful girls during that summer, I was even taking a college class because of my new drive. My mind was expanding, I was rebooting. However, the chaser effect really got me during the summer. I can’t really go out much, I’m poor, so being inside for a whole month really got to me. I relapsed, my tears were hard to hold back. I got into the cycle again, my changing body and sudden surge of hormones made the challenge way more tougher than I could ever imagine. II The relationship got sour, this primal being within me… it took control and I hurt the ones that I loved. Once we broke up, I got depressed. I started going to therapy

All of this stress made it to my face, I started to get cystic acne. My acne was the reason I got into porn in the first place, 5th graders with acne are going to be rejected 9 times out of 10

The cystic acne somehow made me more motivated, I was pumping out one and two month streaks, then I hit 142 days. My testosterone went higher, despite it’s above average amount because of puberty. That’s when I started to lose control again. I really struggled from that loss. I had a hard time putting up a good fight against this.

Summer came. Then the acne got worse, I got even more depressed because of the perpetual sharp pains that I had on my face. Life just kind of sucked since then. Nothing felt right. III The peak of my acne was so bad that even my friends were pretty grossed out when they saw my face. I tried not to let it bother me. The streaks during this year were mixed, there were good ones and not so good ones. I started getting treatment for my cystic acne. Things started changing after that.

My friends introduced me to this girl, in hopes of getting laid. I think I should include her because things were very different this time around. I got a pretty good streak back, and I was improving again. We met, hit it off, kissed her in the first five minutes of the date. I was surging with confidence, I felt masculine. This girl was actually the right fit. We grew together. I got laid at the age of 16, something that not many teens get to do nowadays. The only issue was that I couldn’t keep my edge when she was an hour ride to and from. My grades fell. I felt like I was gradually becoming complacent. I realized what I really was, a slave to my penis, to these primal urges. I had sex for the first time, it was beautiful. I went in raw though. I thought I was going to be the father of an unplanned child. I couldn’t afford plan b, so this was the most terrifying chapter in my life.

I was reminiscing. I looked back at all the progress I had made, and I was determined to get my life together again. I broke up with her, this was the right decision. Nofap opened this entire universe to me, and I wasn’t going to undo all of this progress.

PMO became a habit again, I’m in the depths of hell. I’ve been able to improve every aspect of my life, but this one seemed to be my weakest spot. I got a couple numbers this summer, but I know that there’s more to life than chasing all of these teenage girls.

That’s why I’m jumping back on the wagon, to regain my self-control and the ability to control my own body. III (end)

Got 4.0’s and above since I started. Started lifting because of you guys. Gained 32 pounds of lean muscle, got a Brad Pitt physique going on. Ran 3 Marathons. Took 3 AP tests, passed 2. Took 5 college classes, four A’s one B. Started a band. Got better with my guitar playing. Learned how use ableton. Read books cover to cover for the first time. Taking anatomy right now, doing better than most full-time students. Completed over 300 volunteer hours doing what I love. Moving out of the ghetto by next year.

The battle begins again, many fights will be won, maybe some will be lost. The point is that we are all taking part in this, this struggle will be a long one, but the end of the road will be oh so beautiful. This will be my final year in high school, wish me luck.


TL;DR? Sit back, relax. Things got to turn out right.

LINK – 3 years of Nofap.

by evilnanobots