Age 18 – More confident and outgoing, can fall asleep without fapping, hardcore fantasies gone


I’m currently on day 41, which is my second and best streak so far. This is getting easier and easier so I hope I’ll get to 90 days without relapsing. Benefits

  • I don’t need to fap to fall asleep anymore
  • That in turn means I don’t wake up with my dick sticky
  • It feels good not to have anything to hide anymore
  • I don’t really have any hardcore fantasies anymore
  • NoFap is the constant in my attempt for a better overall lifestyle. As long as I can manage NoFap, I feel empowered to work out and speak to people.
  • Gaining respect for myself has clearly made me more confident and outgoing, and some female friends have asked me to do something in public because they were to shy to do so themselves.
  • I have recently had my first wet dream ever. I’m 18. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. More on that later.


  • I still think about sex and girls a lot, and often indulge in some softcore fantasies before falling asleep. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing, as long as what I imagine stays respectful.
  • Edging. Often caused by previous bullet point. My only relapse was due to that and I still do it more often than I care to admit. I never do it to porn however, and stop quite rapidly.
  • NSFW and movies. It’s not so much that they are triggers, but drawing the line between porn and non-porn is harder than I thought. Maybe I wasn’t used to Reddit enough 😉 For example, when browsing ___, ____, and ____, I often wonder if I am doing it for the right reasons of if my brain is tricking me into finding a substitute for porn.

Tricks, stuff that helps

  • The NoFap button in the beginning of my journey, but now i don’t really use it that much
  • Browsing NoFap: same thing, I find it less motivating the more I realize I have gone farther than the people posting the motivational stuff.
  • Commenting on NoFap : similar to precedent, but as you advance it feels better to help people out than to seek help yourself.
  • Putting my hands behind my head, lying on my back and allowing my mind to do whatever it wants until I’m less horny.
  • Saw this of NoFap recently : if you live with you family or with anyone really, let the door open.
  • If you tend to fap during the day, exercise instead. Sounds cliché, but it works.
  • Regarding wet dreams: don’t feel bad about them, feel good instead. If you don’t live alone and are embarrassed, wear boxer shorts and pyjama shorts (i.e. enough clothing to ensure you don’t leave stains on your sheets) and when you go shower in the morning, wear your boxer shorts so you can wash out the semen. Then, leave it to dry somewhere (the tricky part 😉 ).

LINK – Day 41 report

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