Age 18 – more confident

I made 90 days guys.

The journey started out as aiming for a week or perhaps two. Then NoFapWar happened which took me to the new year where I decided to continue until 90 days.

Why? Well I decided I wanted to control my habit and test myself to see if I could do it. One day I just made the choice to do so and from that point I haven’t PMO’d. I think one of the keys to succeeding was that I didn’t give myself ‘one last fap’ before I began.

On the way I have:

  • Given up Facebook/Twitter for a week which was enlightening.
  • Given up Youtube for a week.
  • Learned more about Dopamine and how it relates to porn.
  • Taken new angles on how I perceive life.
  • Held myself higher when I walk down the street.
  • Read some fascinating, scary, influential, empowering and painful stories which have encouraged me on my journey.
  • Made me more disciplined in more than one areas of my life.
  • Shown me a community of great people who are helpful.
  • Made me realise how big of a problem porn, masturbation and INTERNET will be in the future.
  • Had dreams in the early stages (I like dreams so this was cool).
  • Made me a bit more confident in myself.
  • Made me try cold showers and practise meditation a bit more.

But it’s not been exactly what I had in mind for a perfect journey. I think that it is important that you hear this too.
I have not:

  • Had revelations on the way I view everything.
  • Been encouraged to let go of masturbation forever.
  • Got a girlfriend (I am better at talking to girls though).
  • Overhauled my life.
  • Become some sort of NoFap guru.
  • Understood what I want to do with my life or where I want to go.

These were things that I guess I dreamed would happen. Maybe they could happen if I continue to NoFap for long enough. However, right now, I feel like a dog who has been let off a chain. I’m craving. Big time.

I reckon a lot of people dream those things that I do, so it feels important to mention them.

But possibly the most important gain that’s happened in my fapstinence is the amount of time I’ve spent doing other things. If I’d fapped like I had been before I began I reckon I would have spent about 70-80 hours watching porn or PMO related things. I didn’t even realise how much I time I was spending doing other things instead of watching porn until looking back on it now.

I would say making this 90 day journey has been worth it for that alone.

So yeah, I’m proud of achieving 90 days without PMO’ing. Today sort of felt like a special occasion and it kept popping up in my mind throughout the day.

I want to say thank you to Piogoretti, SpanglerBQ and Dacalva for either staying with me on my journey, inspiring me or making me try something new. They will probably not see this but nevertheless their contributions have been appreciated greatly. Clickyclacky’s also another member who posts frequently in here and does the right thing by pointing people to

Where do I go next? Not sure really. I don’t know if I want to continue this journey or if I want to relapse and control my use of masturbation for a bit. The second option was always the plan.

Anyone who has any questions regarding anything please ask. Any opinions or advice is greatly appreciated.

Anyone who’s made 90 days before and then relapsed, I would love to hear stories from on what you did after you hit 90.

Thanks to the whole community – that includes you panic button 🙂

As always guys, good luck on your journeys 🙂

LINK – Complete. – Day 90

by yazmat