Age 18 – More focused, clearer thinking, much more emotional, appreciate women for who they are

Guys, I can’t believe I finally got here! I started my NoFap journey about 2 years ago as a Senior in Highschool. Before this streak 36 days was my longest, I’m pretty proud of myself!

Backstory, I guess I was a normal teenager. There were a lot of hot girls in my grade but I wasn’t really interested in dating them, I watched them, I stalked them on Facebook, I would fap to their pictures. I’d go home and plan out my time so I would have my daily fap and then go on with the day. I’d fap in school sometimes, I’d leave class when I got an urge and go to a bathroom no one was in. I would mentally undress women in the streets, thinking about what I would do with them. I hated the way I looked at people, I couldn’t trust myself walking outside. Thank G-d I never really got into the crazy bad stuff, but I always knew it was time for a change. NoFap gave me that opportunity.

I’m not sure how I found NoFap all that time ago, could have been through some youtuber, maybe I was just randomly scrolling through Reddit, but man am I happy I found this place. The NoFap community is by far the most supportive and uplifting community on the ENTIRE internet. No other place can you go to hear and see so much care and support.

I’m not sure when I realized it was really a problem so much for me. I was always “trying” to stop, but never really hard enough, and I didn’t have motivation to. Like so many other people, I wasn’t aware of the dangers of it.

Once I was alerted to it, I read The Porn Circuit by Covenant Eyes (I totally recommend it everyone, it’s free to download at which totally opened my eyes to the problem. I visited NoFap everyday, reading stories, getting support, helping others.

A few months ago I met the most amazing girl. She’s smart, funny, ridiculous, crazy, spontaneous and an all around nerd (just like me). I’m happy to call her my girlfriend. We have most everything in common psychologically, spiritually, mentally, ideologically, emotionally… Everything is just perfect. We just understand eachother so well. I told her about NoFap and she was and is incredibly supportive. She didn’t know or understand how big of a problem this was for me or for guys in general. I told her the deep dark parts of my journey but she just listened and supported me. She helps me believe in myself and my abilities which helps me to keep going. She respects me tremendously for taking this challenge, and uplifts me and gives me more fuel for my fire. Thanks M, I love you, you’re amazing.

My last real motivation to keep going this far and not give up was because I’m drafting to the military in less than a month. I wanted to be in the best shape, best mindset, have the best outlook, be filled with energy, and just feel alive to face this challenge in my life. So, here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • I think much clearer. I have deep and rich conversation with friends on the daily. Trivial topics don’t really interest me at all. I make good choices, I don’t just follow my animal instincts.
  • I’m appreciative of everything around me. I love being alive, I love looking up at the sky and just saying “WOW”. It’s so much easier to notice and be thankful of the good in my life, rather than focus on the bad like we tend to do.
  • I’m much more focused. No brain-fog whatsoever, I can focus on one thought without losing concentration or switching to a picture or vision of a naked woman.
  • I spend less time doing useless things. I used to spend 6-8 hours a day playing video games. Now, I still play them, but not nearly as much and not even every day. I find myself not in the mood for them, or other useless things like watching movies/tv shows for hours. I’m much more inclined to go outside, read, meet with people, go on a hike, etc.
  • My eyes are much clearer and more vibrant. My face has less breakouts. My voice is deeper.
  • I have more willpower to get up, exercise, be active (in addition to more energy as a whole). It’s easier to get myself going.
  • I can stare at people in the eyes when I’m talking to them. I have much more confidence when engaging in conversation and I don’t feel the need to dart around the room. I feel like a person worthy of respect.
  • I’m able to look at women in the face, appreciate them as people, not just look at their bodies and wonder what they look like without clothes on. I want to know who they are, what they’re like as people, not just pieces of meat to play with. I look at their eyes first, not their chest.
  • I’m a much more emotional person. I can cry when I’m sad, smile and laugh when I’m happy. I’m not just glazed over and apathetic to everything. I feel, and it feels great!

I’m sure there’s many more, but there are honestly too many to count. Things get better guys, they really do. I find it easiest if you have something you’re fighting for. Not someone else, make sure you fight for yourself, for something you want out of yourself. My motivation was to be good for the army. Many people want a girlfriend which is also ok. Try to find someone you can trust, someone to talk to about this, who you think will understand and support you. I’ve met my fare share of haters and people who didn’t believe this was legitimate at all. I guess there’s no helping some people.

All in all, I’m happy I’m here, I’m happy I found this community, and I’m grateful to you all for helping me get this far. Here’s to another 90! Stay strong men! Like I said, it really is worth it!

LINK – 90 days!!!! Here’s my report!

by Shlano613