Age 18 – My face looks 10x better than before, can understand things better


[150 day NoFap hardmode] So here we go:

  1. No matter how bad situation I may be at any point of time, always proud of myself.
  2. Feeling of a higher sense of purpose in life.
  3. Ability to think clearly is very strong.
  4. Improved understanding of life.
  5. Can understand topics and concepts in my studies in a much better way.
  6. Can’t say anything about memory anything now. I naturally have good memory. But I will comment on memory part after my exams.
  7. I still have some concentration issues but I know it will be solved soon.
  8. Effortlessly look people into their eyes.
  9. Though I don’t speak unnecessarily being an introvert, but I can speak whenever required.
  10. Social anxiety has reduced significantly.
  11. My face looks 10x better than before. Earlier I used to look awkward in short hair but now even short hair my face looks equally better.
  12. Energy is so high that I have to exercise.
  13. Started eating some of the vegetables that I hate since childhood. This may sound lame to many but it is a very important achievement for me. And I know I will start eating many others I hate in the coming time, slowly and gradually.
  14. I currently have very less facial hair. But my moustache appears little more darker than earlier.
  15. Much more control over fantasizing because I have understood in depth that porn is just a combination of makeup, acting, photoshop.
  16. Have had many wet dreams during the phase. They do give some negative effects but for a very short period and eventually as you go more and more into nofap journey they will impact lesser and lesser and reduce in quantity too and possibility is there that they may stop completely.
  17. Sometimes I feel a much extreme state of inner bliss. I know I can feel that 24×7 but my exam stress is the contributing factor to the contrary.

I do have lustful thoughts but the quantity is much reduced than earlier. The thoughts come out of my own memory of pornographic images. This is all I am able to think and write now. Thank you so much for your time.

Those who are telling I can’t it semen retention, you may be technically correct but you have got to understand that I didn’t expel my semen at my will. That was beyond my control and more than 90% of the wet dreams did not have anything sexual. An additional benefit: I am comparatively less irritated by bullshit criticism

The messages I want to leave you with is that

→don’t connect particular benefits with particular number of days, everyone is different and experiences different things at different time. Patience is the key.

→write down your purposes on a paper behind doing this practice of semen retention

→releasing your sexual energy will undoubtedly always make you sad

→urges will fade away, you act on them or not.

Thank you finally. Bye.

LINK – 150 Days of Semen Retention

By Mr_Greatest