Age 18 – My girlfriend feels the difference


 She just tell me right now that this week I’m weird. She said ” I feel like i’m not speaking with you, but with a stranger that is saying whatever”. Before I made her laugh easily (I just need 7 days to get my humor back and find my words much more faster, I think it’s brain fog that goes away).

We got some interesting conversation, we make laugh each other, and everything else u know.

Now, after a 4-5 days of 3 fap per day streak, each time I’m trying to be funny or to say some interesting, she’s just getting bored about me.

That’s so clear now man, I already knew that Nofap make my words coming 10x time faster in my head, make me funny or just more concentrate and smarter, but I just realised that PMO not only make you feel like shit, here’s the point :

Even if you try to hide your zombie-mode (‘cuz you fapped so much, everyone here know the facts) by not talking so much, not going outdoor, avoid social interactions … people will SENSE that there’s a difference. It’s not about hormones or shits, it’s just that you don’t interact and speak like you do when you are into a 1+ week of Nofap.

And always remember that there a no Super Power, you are already on the ground, PMO broke your brain, you can ONLY make progress guys.

Nofap is just the tool that will help you get your real “you” coming back, the “you” that my girlfriend want, not the bullshit PMO zombie you become after 15 PMO in 4 days.

LINK – My girlfriend feel the difference when I Fap and when I don’t

By chahinekirby