Age 18 – My life has changed


This is some next level shit! I was so unsatisfied throughout my teen years, I jacked every day yet deep inside I knew that something wasn’t right. The guilt would just lay in my system, destroy every bit productivity in me. All motivation, all creativity, all happiness, gone with that ejaculation!

After discovering Nofap, I began with one week of abstaining , still not enough Finally I succumb to cold turkey abstention from porn and jacking and by God my life has changed.

I feel like the best I’ve ever been now. Im confident, I have endless amounts of energy, my grades are the best they’ve ever been, I no longer need to seek a female for reassurance of myself, I meditate everyday, take cold showers, high fitness level, I’m getting smarter, I’m man the I’ve always wanted to be. getting better everyday, one small step at a time.

It all began with this community. I’ve been depressed and felt like shit, I’ve just wanted to give in but I remember why I started this journey. Every bit of pain has been worth it

“I close my eyes and seize it I clench my fists and beat it I light my torch and burn it I am the beast I worship” :- MC Ride

LINK – 5 months of nofap, 18 years old
By KidB99