Age 18 – My life has literally changed because of this

I experienced TONS of benefits . My motivation level is higher than ever . I have started working out and taking care of my health. Its crazy how much attention i have been getting from ladies while on Nofap.Never happened before.

My self-confidence has also increased tremendously and i have got into this whole self-development thing . So basically , My life has literally changed because of this . By the way , i started watching porn at 14 and i am 18 now .

I dont wanna brag but i think i got tremendous amout of willpower to quit a bad habbit . These 85 days have been difficult for me but i have managed to control the urges .

Although i was very close to relapsing on the 62nd day but i did not ( thanks to you guys out here ) and from then on i went beast mode and here i am , 85 days into my very first try ever . What do you guys think about it ?

P.S : i have been able to do this with the power of ‘Belief ‘. I believed relpase isnt necessary and it changed my mindset and helped me get here.

LINK – 85 days in on my FIRST ever try (0 relapses), is this normal ?

by motivateddude