Age 18 – Nofap and autism


I have Syndrome of Aspergers and I have been struggling with depression and self loathing since 2013. I have always been really self conscious about myself because I knew I ‘wasn’t normal’. Because of this, I compared myself with the ‘normal’ people and I was really sad every time I saw photos of my friends at parties because I wanted to be there aswell but couldn’t.

A lot of people with Aspergers have different symptoms but one thing that almost everyone of them has in common is the feeling of not fitting in, of loneliness. Even though a lot of aspies don’t really have social limitations (in my experience). I felt that loneliness aswell, and started fapping 3 times a day which resulted in my depression. I hated myself, but I never lost faith in that one day I would feel better.

I tried a lot of things to help myself. Go to the gym, talk to people, play music, but nothing helped. Until I stumbled on NoFap. I was so determined to do this, that I reached 90 days in my first try! So here are my noteworthy experiences and feelings:

  • I asked myself a lot if I am happy and content in life and for the first time since 2013 I feel like I’m lying if I say no.
  • Lost interest in shameful and weird fetishes.
  • Became very realistic in life. Why would I spend so much time on something that is 100% out of reach? Started applying that in more situations aswell as my expectations.
  • The over-exaggerated superpowers are not real, or at least not for me. (NoFap does not cure autism of course)
  • Self loathing goes away. You start accepting yourself.
  • You start believing in yourself that you are capable of a lot of things of which you thought you weren’t capable of in the past. Like talking to people or a new job. I trust my abilities now, and it feels great.
  • Women are so much more important to me now. I don’t put them on a pedestal, but I respect them a lot more. The objectification is gone, and you start noticing how much you have objectified them in the past without noticing.
  • Three days ago I runned for the first time since NoFap and oh my god, I understand what people mean now when they talk about a runners high. because I didn’t have a dopamine peak from drugs or PMO my receptors have gotten really sensitive so I felt the dopamine rush from running and it felt almost like MDMA. The happiness the good feeling.

So how did it help me with autism? Well, I always loathed myself because I thought I was unworthy because of my limitations as someone with autism, but NoFap made me happy again, and I can say with confidence now that I accept myself 100%!

Stay strong! Thank you all for these amazing and motivational posts on this reddit.

At the moment I am 18 years old, started fapping at 12, and got diagnosed with autism when I was 16.

LINK – How nofap helped me with autism (90 day report)

By Jeromd