Age 18 – Not a virgin anymore!


Had my 18th birthday two weeks ago. 4 days after my birthday I changed from a kissless virgin to a non-kissless non-virgin man. Lol you know what I mean. I don’t have any urges to PM at all, except occasional urges to real sex.

Quick notes for our Fapstronauts: From 30 days and before, you need willpower. 30 days and after, you need self-control. Willpower kicks off the old habit, 30 days is more than enough. Self-control prevents you falls back into the cycle of old habit, that happens after your 30 day mark. Cheers!

60-day report – Wow, one month just pasted by. I accomplished so much in this month. I learned so much and I am thankful for everything I have. I will continue to strike for excellence. Although it sounds cheesy but this is my honest voice deep down inside and I am happy to maintain such positive mindset to keep myself moving forward in every aspect in life.

30-day report – Haven’t had a streak like this for a long time. Longest streak was 74 days and it was two years back. This year there will be no limit.

In the past month I picked up poker and really learning and playing aggressively. More like committed to it. This is a great way for myself on the no-fap journey, because self discipline plays a huge role. Without self discipline and self control, it is near impossible to win money in poker. And our willpower isn’t as powerful as we think it is, now it’s the time we need some external motivation to keep us going. To me, poker is one of them.

Other than that, I am more focused and dedicated, sharper mind, increased awareness, etc.
LINK – Update: One day to Day90.

by JRyker1