Age 18 – PIED — almost fully gone

Holy crap I never thought I’d get here. I tried so many times to quit before I joined this sub, never made it past 7 days. The moment I made an account and added a badge something clicked in me, and I went the full 90 days the first time.

I started this mainly for PIED — which now seems almost fully gone. I had never gotten hard with a female before, which is terrifying when you’re 16-18. Now, I’m in a brand new healthy relationship, and at around the 60 day mark when we first made out I got hard from that alone. (I wouldn’t say the relationship is a result of NoFap though, I haven’t noticed much difference confidence-wise, but perhaps that’s because I was confident beforehand). Another side-benefit I’ve noticed is that I can skip on acne-medication for a week and remain clear, where-as skipping a day beforehand resulted in a breakout.

My advice: If you’re thinking about relapsing remember that every streak you waste brings you closer to old-age/it being too late. If you relapse you just completely wasted however long your streak was. Gone. Also don’t fucking edge. Good luck everyone.

LINK –I made it. 90 days. 

by slopesftw