Age 18 – Proud to look at myself in the mirror! Much less Anxiety!

It has been a interesting journey, since I have started nofap I have had a lot of bonuses from it and just feel better all round but I will list some of the things nofap has helped me with at the bottom of this post

Day 120 milestone reached. I held off doing any posts like this as a personal challenge to myself and decided that instead of doing a 90 day report I’d do a 120 day report, first off I would like to thank this community for all they have done and continue to do to help people fight this addiction and for the support they give.

When I had started nofap I had just started a new streak on February 5 2015 after I had relapsed from a 43 day streak, the reason I believe why I was able to have a much longer streak this time was because I joined nofap ( my 43 day streak was without nofap ) and found the awesome support of this community! While doing nofap I started to also work on other problems in my life, with asthma I started drinking more water ( it helps reduce asthma symptoms ) and running more to exercise my lungs, with ocd I continue to try and deny urges just like how I do with nofap and with stress I try to find a peaceful time in the day to relax which is easier without the anxiety from fapping, I also try to be more social and find myself able to visit easily enough with random strangers and look people in the eye.

Tips for helping with nofap I’ve found patience helps without patience it would be very hard indeed to do nofap, perseverance, cold showers, working out I highly recommend doing this it will make you feel great, and personal challenges for me this was shaving, shaving you ask? What I mean is that I always wanted to grow a beard and when I started my streak I decided that I will continue shaving until my 120 day milestone now I don’t believe you should punish yourself while doing nofap but with this challenge it gave me motivation for getting to the 120 mark and being able to start growing a beard as a reward, also I when I say this I don’t mean I’m never shaving again lol but what I mean is that now I will actually try to start growing a beard! Anyways I find that personal challenges can be very helpful such as forcing yourself to be more social, working out, working on ocd, reading and many other things. Finding a hobby can help too. I also find it is best to eliminate negativity in your life if you are doing this with pmo you may as well do it with other stuff as well, for me this was being overweight, shyness, anxiety and stressfulness.

Also to note a few things there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing a video game, using your pc or reading as long as you do it in moderation! I find there are too many posts where people beat themselves up just for enjoying a video game every now and then and I think personally thats not good, I find there is nothing wrong with being a nerdy person and enjoying video games and having fun! But everyone is different and has different opinions but it is best I find not to judge others and to treat everyone kindly.

I’ll now list the benefits of nofap I have encountered!

1: More Energy

2: More Focus

3: Better sleeping and dreaming soooooooooooooooooooo many dreams 😀

4: More Social

5: Being able to look people in the eye

6: As a dude having more Testorome!

7: Deeper voice

8: I remember seeing a post awhile back about when not fapping your sweat does not stink and I thought it was bs but at it turns out it is true!

9: You enjoy things more like video games, friends and just life generally!

10: You feel proud to look at yourself in the mirror!

11: Much less Stress!

12: Much less Anxiety!

13: More Motivation!

14: Being able to feel comfortable and not shameful around women because of fapping

There are a lot more but I’d be typing for a very long time!

Here are some links to groups that I find help a lot with nofap!

Here are some posts and links that helped prevent me from relapsing, motivated me and kept me going!

Here are some links to music I find help motivate me and help with nofap!

Not everyone may like these songs but I found they helped motivate me a lot!

1: Skillet Rebirthing

2: Breaking Benjamin Blow Me Away

3: Breaking Benjamin I Will Not Bow

4: Breaking Benjamin Crawl

5: I Prevail The Enemy

6: Survivor Eye Of The Tiger

7: Little River Band Lonsome Loser

8: Braveheart Theme

9: And from the barracks of NoFapWar Royal Blue “300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero”

10: Kansas Carry On My Wayward Son

I think I began at 13 and at 18 I decided to quit.

LINK – 120 Day Report Fear The Beard! “Carry On My WayWard Son” 



by JedJTL