Age 18 – Sharper memory, more sociable, calmer, vivid dreams, morning wood is back


For me, it’s almost like Nofap is a way of sharpening your mental sword. In the beginning, it might be a dull blade, but soon it becomes sharp enough to cut the thickest of urges. Also, I find myself constantly “beating” other people to recalling certain details or information that happened a long time ago.

I’m 18, watched porn since age 12. Since I was 16, I’ve tried multiple times to hit long Nofap streaks and give up masturbation and porn, and last year achieved my best streak of 66 days before relapsing. For me, Nofap came and went like it was a fashion trend in and out of style. I would go on a long streak, then relapse and continue PMO and porn for months. One day I just got fed up with being a young guy with ED, and here I am.

Main benefits I’ve seen are sharper memory, able to focus clearly on what I set my mind to. I’m not as forgetful, more sociable, calmer, able to take care of things quicker, less proscrastination-prone. My dreams are vivid, morning wood came back. My confidence has grown and I noticed that I walk more proudly now, with conviction, chest out and up, shoulders down and back. My progress in the gym has finally picked up again, which I also attribute to Nofap. To me, Nofap has been one of the biggest and most important changes I have ever made in my life.

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By SonOfSwag