Age 18 – Social Anxiety Gone


I remember being in my room playing RuneScape 10 hours a day and watching porn. I used to go to school fapped out my eyes were twitching and my hair was bad. I remember feeling like a tweaker and being a chronic fapper 1-5 times a day. I was afraid of talking to people I would hate waking up and people were looking at me at school.

Now socializing makes me happy. I go to college now and I walk up to any person boy/girl and yes even the “Hot women” or what men would call “10’s”.

I tell people to keep their heads up and never let anything bring them down. I could never relapse and let my fapstronaut brothers down.

LINK – Social Anxiety Gone.

by 1-800-FightTheUrge



First kiss in 7 years yes it’s been a long time gentlemen. After a year of NoFap a girl asked me to kiss her so yea if I can do it you guys can do it too