Age 18 – Social Anxiety/Panic Attacks pretty much gone. More confident, Grades improved

I know 215 is somewhat of an odd number to post a success story about, but I have nothing to do today, so why not?

(Backstory) I am an 18 y/o male. I don’t remember how I first found out about NoFap, but I tried it and made it a week or so a few times when I was 16. Soon after these failed attempts, I visited a psychiatrist and was put on ADD medication. At the time I was suffering from social anxiety so bad that I’d often have to leave school during the day due to panic attacks. My hope was that my social anxiety was due to not being able to focus on one specific thing and instead constantly worrying about others perception of me. Anyways, after one or two months, I was moved up in small increments to the maximum dose of Vyvanse for my age (80mg I believe).

Things really started to go downhill at this point. I started playing WoW again (Throughout middle school I played pretty much non-stop). I think it was April of 2013 that I dropped out of school due to the panic attacks I was still having. Following that, for 2 years I pretty much sat and played WoW/Diablo 3. I still won’t say that it wasn’t fun, and I definitely miss those days a good bit. I guess its a little hard not to have fun with massive doses of Vyvanse running through your veins at all hours.

(Main) In May of this year, I decided I’d had enough of spending everyday stagnating on a computer chair and decided to quit. I realize that it’s usually not the best idea to make multiple major changes in one day, but I quit taking my Vyvanse (80mg to 0mg, didn’t wean myself off), quit playing video games (wasn’t too difficult since I couldn’t focus for a few weeks after quitting the Vyvanse) and started NoFap again. This is where my current streak began.

I realize this probably isn’t very helpful to those of you struggling making it through the first month, but my first month was pretty easy. After quitting the amphetamines, I didn’t have the energy to even get out of bed for a long time, PMOing was kind of out of the question.

I started to get over the Vyvanse withdrawal effects AND feel the benefits of NoFap around the same time (1-2 months). I felt like all my problems had been suddenly solved. I was confident, I smiled at attractive girls, and most importantly, I WANTED to communicate with people. Not just the opposite sex, but people in general. Coming from someone who since the 6th grade desperately tried to avoid social interactions, this was absolutely amazing.

Jump a few months forward to today and I still feel the benefits. They are a bit less noticeable now, which I assume is because I’ve gotten used to them. I still get a ton of looks from the opposite sex, which is nice. While I still have some anxiety following a wet dream, for the most part I’m pretty confident. I started taking classes at our local college during the fall semester of this year and haven’t had a single panic attack.

Anyways, I mainly posted this because I have been leeching off of the NoFap subreddit since I started back in May, and I felt like this may benefit someone who is currently struggling.


  • Social Anxiety/Panic Attacks pretty much gone.
  • Female Attention.
  • Confidence.
  • Decent Grades.

Stay strong, Zido

LINK – 215 Hardmode Report

by Zido1919