Age 18 – Socially unstoppable, More emotional & self-aware, Improvements in school

I don’t think I was addicted to PMO as most people on this subreddit, but with things like this, it’s hard to judge yourself. I was PMO’ing a few times a week and I really didn’t know that it was causing me any negatives, but I’d definitely stopped enjoying it like I once used to

and it became almost pointless with regret right after it being done. I came across this sub randomly while browsing /r/fitness and watched the tedtalk about the health benefits of noFap and what fapping does to you. I realized that some of these were affecting me so I decided to give it a go. In the process of starting no fap, I was starting a fitness/health journey as well trying to become the best student possible.


1) Gym/Fitness – I am in the gym 7 days a week and have only taken breaks for injury or a week rest every 8 or so weeks. Since the beginning of the summer I have lost 30 pounds 200–170 and am trying to go down to 155 then bulk to 165.

2) I thought I was a pretty decent conversationalist, but now I’m almost unstoppable, almost no social anxiety. Although that has gone I still am trying to get better at meeting girls that I have no connection with (no class, no mutual friends). Pretty much just going up to whoever looks interesting/attractive on campus, but I still think too much, but I’m slowly becoming desensitized to what people think though.

3) More self-worth

4) A no fucks attitude and literally sometimes I almost just don’t care about anything, It’s really not a bad thing some times

5) More emotional

6) I like music a lot more, I just jam harder

7) I was already a very motivated student, but that has soared to higher heights

8) Definitely more self-aware

9) I’m a lot better at holding eye-contact

10) Just the feeling of having a goal and working for it and now finally reaching 90 days

11) I stick to my beliefs and values harder

I am going to keep it going as it has benefited me so far. I can honestly say I got any of those “superpowers”, but I think doing noFap gives you the ability to improve yourself to the point where it feels like it. The biggest thing I’m working on right now is getting out of my community college to my four year school in only a year and then just getting better with females, which is pretty much just doing it which seems to be the last thing I do when it’s time to talk/approach someone. I like to think noFap could help with this, but I think it has already done what it can and it’s up to me to do the rest.

My advice to the fellow my noFap brothers is to find a reason you really want to do this and use that as your reason to stay away from PMO. Delete any porn from your browsing history/bookmarks. I didn’t personally block porn sites, but that can be up to you. I felt like blocking them wasn’t me really resisting the porn. I will say I was tempted to PMO early on and around day 60. Just keep pushing and it gets easier to the point you forget you’re doing it.

I know I missed some talking points so feel free to ask away!

LINK –Reached 90 days post!

by xVictoryy