Age 18 – Straighter posture, less anxiety, procrastination, depression and stuttering

I want to share my experience of a 50-day Streak. Relapse was due to extreme pain during the night after retention. Starting afresh and not giving up!


-Noticeable change in face, slightly more defined jawline and chin. The most prominent change is the browbone which has changed dramatically. Face doesn’t look skinny and anorexic.

-Straighter posture when walking as spine doesn’t feel strained.

-Anxiety still there but not as extreme….more of a piercing stare when in conversation. -Slightly more muscle in the arms and legs. -Feel like going out more rather than staying in. Less procrastination.

-Depression is not as bad as before. Still some bad days but bad now doesn’t have the same meaning as before.

– Some days get weird attraction from females, staring, deliberately standing closer to me, randomly initiating conversation however other days this is not as obvious. This only occurs on or around peak day 7.

– Slightly deeper voice, more steady, less stuttering-type shaky voice.

-Less jealous of other guys and see myself in a more positive light.

– Facial hair grows faster and seems to appear darker.

-More open about how I feel, tend to be more passive aggressive and more of a desire for revenge.

Negative Effects:

-Extremely sensitive down there, especially in the mornings or when in contact with clothing.

– Really horny, feels like you’re about to explode.

-Skin is a lot more sensitive to shaving so more razor burn.

– Still get wet dreams but feel slightly drained afterwards.

– On certain days, there’s increased irritability.

Overall the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

LINK – Genuine No Fap Observations!!

by Biggyz