Age 18 – This is changing my life – training to be a para-rescue serviceman


I just wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone on this sub. I’ve battled my addiction to PMO ever since the young age of 11. I’ve tried quitting before on my own, never succeding, always failing. Then I found NoFap. To be honest, its changed my life. On to the good stuff now.

The title says it all, I’m training to join the [Airforce] elite for known as PJ. With a 90%+ attrition rate, its nothing short of a miracle, er I mean hard work and semen retention. INDOC is designed to kill you physically then turn on your mental state. A training day known as ETD (Extended training day) is just shy of hell. 21 hours of non stop physically exertion.

I need your help guys, I really do. I still relapse every once in a great while. Not only have I wished to turn my life around, so “that others may live”

Its time for me to do what’s best for others, that means being the best. It means PMO has to be shot, burned, and buried. Good ridance, and goodbye to this horid sickness. It has no place left in my life or heart.

I’m currently 18 and have been using since the age of 11. Regarding the 125 days, the max I’ve gone is roughly 70. I just never updated it.

Benefit’s for me are endless. I’ve suffered from moderate lower back pain since I was 7 or 8. After relapse my back takes a turn for the worse, as in I start to see black  dots from the pain. When not PMOing I suffer from little to no back pain. Other than that, red blotches on my skin clear up and don’t itch. Generally I feel like normal,  after a relapse I literally feel like curling up in a ball and giving up.

Good luck everyone, and stay strong!

LINK – Training to be a Pararescue man

By manytifus