Age 18 – Using time productively, taking care of myself, treating women like people


I have been a porn addict for the last 5 years or so. But I started to put an end to this when I saw NoFap while scurrying through the reddit frontpage. Now,I have been pretty successfull in curbing my addiction. Here is what I felt in the last 1 year or so.

1-My mind has become concentrated and probably more mature.I now try to do things that will actually benefit me like reading a book instead of watching a movie.

2-I feel clean and pampered. This is because ever since I stopped fapping,I have been taking care of my body and my skin and it’s showing.I also got a compliment from a girl who is pretty honest and straightforward.

3-No longer objectify women. I have started to seek a more closerelationship with women instead of the usual Netflix and Chill.Pretty much would prefer a long walk along the beach or watching a beautiful sunset together over that.

4-I am no longer insensitive I admit that I was an insensitive person during my PMO days and didnot care about how people felt or so.But now I have become a caring,sensitive and a supportive person becuase I have so much positive energy.

5-My confidence is very good now. I used to be a very submissive person before becoming insensitive and I didnot rebuke anyone if they double-crossed me or did things in front of me that I didnot like.Now,I usually tell them to stop in a rather polite way.

6-Genuine happiness and emotions I also was an emotional wreck during PMO,probably because I was fapping 3-5 times a day.This has all changed and now I feel strong emotions which fit with the scene.For example,I was watching The Lovely Bones (which is a story of a teen who faced rape and then murder and watches her family struggle from above),I cried for the fist time while watching the movie and the felt good about that I had feeling like that.

7-Physical performance has improved I used to be tired all the time due to PMO,ever since I have stopped I feel like I van lift more and exhert myself more and feel good about it.

Overall,My journey to redemption was pretty much slow and painful.But I kept pushing and pushing and I finally feel I am good now but I wont relapse anytime soon.(Hoping to put more than a year stamp on here)

I am 18. I simply tried NoFap because deep in my heart,I knew what I was doing is wrong.It is not supposed to be this way.Also,my concentration was not good and I had my Life-defining exams in about 4 months.

And last but not least “A river cuts through rocks,not due to its force but due to its consistency”


LINK – Honest account of what I have felt in my NoFap exoerience.

by AhadAhmad