Age 18 – Was awkward, low confidence dude: I’m now outgoing, socially fearless, especially around females.

I started PMOing at the age of 15 (I’m now 18), and did it around 10 times a week for 3 years. Last spring (around 8 months ago), without knowing about this sub, I began to try and cut back in order to be more easily aroused for my then-girlfriend.

Soon after, I discovered NoFap. I quickly began trying to build up streaks, and I initially struggled mightily to get past 5 days without edging or caving entirely. I at one point got up to 19 days, however, and I almost immediately began receiving unprecedented attention from attractive females. Unfortunately, I then relapsed. And then I relapsed again. And again. Eventually I decided that being a once a week guy couldn’t possibly be that bad. Fortunately, I soon saw the light, and I got back on the horse and kept fighting. There are times its going to be hard, times it’s not going to seem worth it, but at the end of the day NoFap is some seriously life changing stuff.

This past September, I decided to quit for good and finally capture the coveted 90 day streak. Week 1 was really just constant horniness, and I desperately desired to return to the comfort of fapping. This continued until day 10, when I ran head-first into a massive, cold, hard (or soft), flatline. The dreaded flatline. It was as if my brain had short-circuited. After being horny almost constantly for years, it was as if I had entered some sort of asexual state. I was depressed on and off, but mostly just disturbed by the fact that I no longer got boners. Or even felt honey at all for that matter. This flatline lasted about 30 days. My libido then returned, but my boners still weren’t (and actually still aren’t) back to pre-nofap size. Since Day 30, I have alternated between phases of extreme horniness and phases of borderline-asexual lethargy. I now feel, however, that things have begun to return to normal in this area.

The area in which I have received the biggest boost as a result of NoFap would certainly be social confidence. Whereas I used to be a fairly awkward and low confidence dude, I’m now quite outgoing and socially fearless, especially around good looking females. Whereas I used to cower from perceived high risk social situations, I now embrace them. I have seized more positions of leadership both socially and at school, and I have asked out and dated several girls. Previously, if I had thought a girl was interested, I might’ve just let it pass and gone home and fapped my brains out. I have also been rejected by a girl I liked a lot once, and don’t worry, it isn’t fatal. I feel my rapport with people has improved tremendously, and like I don’t have to try to be likable anymore. It really just happens. It is as if I now radiate good vibes. I feel my social connections are more genuine, and I can look people in the eye. I don’t want them to see some facade, I want them to see the real me.

However, NoFap has certainly had it’s drawbacks for me. I’ve always been a fairly emotional and constantly-worried type of dude, and NoFap has taken this to unprecedented levels. I’m at a fairly high-stress stage of life anyways (college apps, last year of high school), and I’ve run through some rough emotional patches. I think this will be a good thing in the long run, but it really, really sucks right now. I’m working on better managing my emotions, and I’m getting there, but I have had many fights with my family and siblings since starting NoFap that I deeply regret. I would highly suggest mixing an exercise routine in with NoFap to offset this, something I didn’t do initially. I also have seen my focus on schoolwork decrease during NoFap, which seems contrary to what most people experience. Now, granted, I could be suffering from the oh-so-common Senioritis, but I do feel my excess energy as a result of NoFap has played a major, major part in this. Again, exercise is your best friend. Without it, NoFap becomes much harder. And although NoFap may help with these things, it is up to you to get yourself over the hump and truly discipline yourself. And thats leads me to my next point.

I never wanted to do NoFap just for the sake of getting better boners. I wanted it to be a boon for change in all areas of my life. And that it has been, but now I am beginning to realize that I won’t get where I want to be unless I truly will myself to get there, one day at a time. There is no magical formula, not even NoFap, more effective than daily hard work. So, following up my 90 days of NoFap, I am now going to begin 90 days of overall self-improvement, with goals ranging from working out 5 days a week, to eating healthier, to being more respectful to my parents, to being more attentive in class. NoFap has been great, and I am certainly not returning to the dark days of masturbation, but at some point you have to stop self-identifying yourself as a recovering-addict, and move on to a new existence as a recovered-addict. That way, you can really begin to work on changing your life and getting to that next level.

Thank you so much for the positive change you have caused in my life, my fellow fapstronauts, and I wish you all luck on your respective journeys. The positivity in this sub is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed, and I wouldn’t have reached this 90-day peek without it. Trust me, if I can make, all of you can make it.

To many fap-free years!

LINK – NoFap Full 90 Day Report!!!

by RadicalBro2