Age 18 – Why I don’t fap anymore


Do you guys ever feel like fapping is just something you do? Something you’ll never beable to stop? I did once, but I sure as F wasn’t about to let it control me like that. I started fapping in November of 2011. Wish I never did. The things I thought off, yuck!

How could I have been such an animal? Sure, maybe it wasn’t much, relative to others, but it just wasnt me man. It wasn’t me, fapping almost daily, stopping for 1-2 weeks, maybe more, once stopped for 2 months, then relapsed again. How could I be so weak? So weak to such a loathsome act.

I was done with it, no more! I wasn’t going to go the rest of my life wasting hours on porn and fapping. I’m not that desperate of a motherfucker! In early 2014, at 15 years old, was the last time I every skinned my sausage, milked my eel, made the bald man cry! (High-5 if you got that one).

Here I am, 18 years old, with no need for any “New years resolution” to stop, because I already did, by myself, a long time ago, and I will never go back.

How did I stop? Cold turkey, that’s how. Don’t go after that “do it less and less” BS. You just stop! But the urge will come back!? Indeed it will, sometimes it will be extremely tough to resist.

But why?

Ask yourself, Why should you let go of your values, your word, your promise to yourself, your dignity, your self respect, your time…all to engage in such a despicable act for a few seconda of gratification? Aren’t you better than that? Aren’t you worth more than that?

After a week of stopping, it comes back, the urge comes back with a vengeance, set your mind to it. Let it come. You are a man who no longer masturbates! Be it 1 day, or a 1000 days. You are above that!

A month in, your confidence will sky rocket. Your will power is real! 2-3-4-6-7-8 months go by, the urge will come back. All you have to do is rise above it, beat it in a battle that only lasts a couple hours at most. Then the urge just dwindles and disappears? Because let’s face it, it’s no match for you. You’ll hit a year, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years. The urge will keep coming, in a much lesser form. The only difference now?

You have overcome it, you are simply a guy who DOES NOT FAP. A 1000 days? Eh? Doesn’t matter, you are the same guy from Day 1! The same fucking guy!

As time goes by, even if it hasnt been a year, it no longer affects your confidence level. Because you are above the whole fapping thing, it just doesn’t concern you anymore. But deep inside, youll always know that you were strong enough to accomplish such a task.

The truth is that it seems hard, now. When you keep doing it day after day, it seems hard, But trust me, JUST TRUST THIS RANDOM INTERNET STRANGER! STOP TODAY, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, NO SHORTCUTS, AS OF THIS MOMENT!

Tell yourself that you are no longer a person who faps.

Wet dreams mostly happens in days where you are turned on and go to bed without any action. I honestly rarely get them, it’s not that I don’t get turned on, it’s just I don’t get turned on by every little piece of skin on a girl. Sure, they still happen, maybe once every month or 2.

I wasn’t on this sub. I just wasn’t going to be a slave to the act. I knew I’m better than that.

Honestly, the one secret is to make it, not an option anymore.

It’s hard at first, but it only gets easier from there.

 LINK – Over 1000 Days without fapping. Not even an issue anymore.

By BlueBoyKP