Age 19 – 1 Year: Harder erections (failed in the past), Greater self-confidence, More social, Less anxiety


One year ago today I began nofap. I had two streaks of about 30 days each before, that just started as a challenge among my friends. I thought it was cool to be able to abstain from masturbating for a month, but after I began fapping again I realized those 30 days actually made a big difference. Harder erections, stronger drive to speak to girls, more self confidence etc.

When I had accomplished the 30 days and resumed to masturbating regularly again, all these improvements quickly faded. I realized that maybe I should start nofap again. So one year ago today I decided I was done with fapping.

Porn was more difficult to quit. In the first month or two sometimes I would get really bad urges that led me to watching porn just to satisfy the urge. But of course it just led the urge to grow worse. I realized that the porn itself is just as big of a problem as masturbating, if not bigger. During the year there have been a few times that I started looking at hot girls on Instagram or whatever, because that can’t hurt, can it? But of course it just makes you want more and more until you’re looking up porn “just to have a glimpse”.

Anyway, after a really intense first month with perma boner for the weeks and urges all the time it became much easier. I don’t get urges as often and when I do get horny, fapping is not an option. Nofap is a lifestyle.

I’ve gotten a lot of benefits from quitting porn and masturbation. Harder erections was one of the main reasons I began. My dick had already failed me once prior to nofap by not being able to stay strong enough when I was in bed with a girl, and I remained a virgin. I noticed that when I quit nofap for the first time I went back to having softer erections. I was afraid that if I kept masturbating, in a few years it might become a serious problem. Anyway, now I always have strong erections and I’m really happy about it. Not that my dick didn’t fail me a few more times this year 🙁 but I think that was more due to nervousness and alcohol. But generally it nofap has been key to being able to perform when it matters. I did lose my virginity on nofap. Not that I’ve been having crazy lots of sex this year but the few times were awesome and I doubt I would have lost my virginity if I was still fapping and watching porn every day.

But the biggest benefit I’ve had is that I’ve been able to develop my self-confidence so much. I’ve started to go on dates with girls, started to speaking to people instead of avoiding social things. I say yes to things more often and I just do more fun stuff. I can speak to girls now, I’m not awkwardly sitting by myself on parties, I’m up there dancing with people and enjoying myself, not thinking about other people’s opinions of myself. I’ve literally had people tell me that during the last year I’ve matured a lot.

Anyway, I was never addicted to porn so that probably helped me to keep on nofap. I know a lot of you who are struggling with nofap are seriously addicted to porn, but in the end, you either quit or you don’t. You just have to make the decision to do it. And commit. Quitting masturbation and porn might just be the biggest favor I’ve done to myself as I now have graduated from high school and face all life decisions etc.

I’ve accomplished one freaking year! Congrats to me! 😀 I could go on forever about my year on nofap but I don’t really know what’s relevant. If anyone has any questions or so I’d be happy to answer!

Good luck 🙂

LINK – Day 365: my experience with nofap

by arepeatofastorytold