Age 19 – 9 miserable months, ED and social anxiety GONE

I’ve gone 250 days with out intentionally masturbating with or with out porn and I’m glad to say that after months of constant stress and depression my ED has finally gone for good.

My troubles with porn began in the same way I know most of yours will have done; here’s my story.  I was an normal teenage kid starting a new school and in the first year all was going well I made freinds, enjoyed learning there and even had a girl that I went out with (who I still kinda miss now 6years later) :( anyway my first look into pornography was at a party and my freinds where watching it, before then I had only looked at things such as nude photos and soft core. After that party my life changed because it was around that time that I started being bullied and slowly my list of freinds got smaller and smaller. I would come home and view porn as a way out of school as a way out of everything I got depressed and as time went on i viewed more and more porn will I was watching some seriously un realistic crap. So I basicly became a recluse wanker for lack of a better term. And I slowly but surely lost my conference and became ‘the quiet one’.

I spent my whole life from age 13-18 trapped in this fapping vortex…

One day I noticed whilst at college that instead of simply ‘not wanting to join in on conversations’ it was i fact that I had a mini heart attack every time I tried speaking. Appon googling I found that I in fact had anxiety  and did not know why I began coping therpy and spent hours looking online for help and nothing worked until… I found YBOP witch claimed that anxiety had gone down in people after they quit masturbating to porn. At first I was sceptical but I decided I had no choise but after a week I relapsed because of the more intense orgasm. So I went about 3mounths of doing 1 week off – binging for a few days -1 week off… Etc. now when I first read about porn use and erectile dysfunctions thought “nah I don’t have PIED no way”. I was wrong after about 3month of trying to quit porn I hit the flat line witch is honestly the single most depressing thing I have ever faced. Suddenly I couldn’t get it up for real girls or even porn I had no interest in sex or porn I couldn’t see the beautiful girls at my college as attractive anymore everything sexual was just not working in my life, I began questing my sexual identity I began thinking about suicide, I started having sexual thoughts and despite this I still carried on desperately trying to jack off to porn even though It was extremely difficult now. One day whilst sitting at home after having just had the shortest PMO session ever, I planned my final assult to take down my addiction once and for all…

I was invited by my mom to go on holiday with her although I originally planned on not going and to stay at my dads I decided to go despite knowing that I would be completely bored and it was paris ;there are tons of Gourgeous girls there XD witch would have been amazing except I had ED… Witch made the trip compelety suck, although it ment that I could not watch porn for 2 weeks and I managed a week before we set off so by the time i indored 2 weeks worth of hot girls that only made my ED more depressing, I had 3 weeks under my belt.

After that well it was up to me to try and do as best as I could I knew that if I spent long enough time away from porn eventually I wouldn’t get drawn into it again. I began by destroying the charger to my laptop lol (bit rash but didn’t wanna explain a broken laptop) and started trying to go out more. A couple of months went by and the only thing I had noticed was wet dreams. I felt like quitting at times however I carried on. After about 3 months I did notice signs of life in my little fella witch at this point was shivered beyond belief but those signs where rare and eventually went completely. Morning wood came back at this point for a while then left and did not return for at least 5 MONTHS!

So finally I made it to where I am now witch is nearly 9months nofap and it’s been over a year since I started. I am now nearly 20 and what can I say my anxiety barely exists, I get massive erections with just a glance and a beautiful girl, what’s more my confidence is brilliant and I get morning wood at least 3 times a week. Overall my sexuality seems the most healed out of all of this where as before it was twisted and always about the size of the woman’s breasts and the extream over the top sexual ideas that porn had put in my head; where as now I look for simple, beautiful girls and the more natural they are the more they turn me on witch is what I believe is healthy because at first I was waiting for my libido to return however it does return but in a complexly different way from before.

As for right now I’m enjoying life and the best type of porn there is…

The real girls.

Peace and good luck.

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BY – reep