Age 19 – +90 days – Life changing


-A LOT more social, I can talk to whoever I want about anything. -IDGAF attitude -More spiritual (daily meditation has helped a lot, I now have Bruce Lee things on my room, lol) -Increased energy, been working out a lot -I can talk with girls without being anxious


 [I’m] 19 -I wasn’t happy with my life -The ones I have mentioned are the most important, but I have noticed that i’m more interested (in a genuine way) to women that are not “super” hot. During my PMO days I was always looking for hot girls and thinking of perverse shit (because of porn). I am now more in control of my thoughts, meditation also helps with that. I’m also able to hold eye contact with anyone very easily.

[Before Nofap] I was sometimes awkward but sometimes good… Kind of 50/50. I’m an introvert BTW. Now i’ve been told at my uni by people that i’m very social lol.

[While rebooting] Sometimes I was on top of the world and then bad and agressive, lol. The week I experienced a lot of positives changes for me was the 2nd where I noticed an increase in my energy levels. You’ll get into flatlines and feel like depressed but then you’ll bounce back to the top and feel great. Just stick to nofap and results will come. From the 1, 1.5 month mark my “mood” levels got stabilized!

[Urges?] Work out, go outside and take a walk, meditate, ice cold shower.

LINK – +90 completed. Life changing.

By LeoMessiD10S