Age 19 – after 300 days I’m confident and motivated


300 days I did not watched porn or fapped. In some situations I tried too look away from girls. I am doing this for better self confident and hell it worked !! I fapped since I was 7 idk. 3 years ago my self confident was down to zero. Now I feel great motivated and men I like to be in social like never before. I can talk too strangers with no problem.

The second reason I stopped was because I am Muslim and hated myself everytime i fapped. I cant really tell you how much this helps guys dont give up! Beside my self confident girls are watching me like never before. Well I could talk too girls before but now I cant believe how there is no shyness in me talking the other people. And thanks too god I have no urges.

In my timeline I had also flatlines, wet dreams and all shit. But one thing I want to say is that this holds temporary! If you had a wet dream it isnt that worse like an orgasm. It holds one day and your back to yourself.

Currently i am 19 years old and fapped since I remember started very early like in my 7th year.

Just be positive and dont give up guys! Also a tip for my muslim brothers dont give up your prayers! Have a nice day.

LINK – I am on day 300 right now.

By loscriminal