Age 19 – All A’s in rigorous courses, lots of hook-ups, no more social anxiety


I am a little over an hour from reaching 365 days (the counter may say 363, though the streak started July 29, 2016 so must be a delay) and am still in complete disbelief that I’m actually typing this. My streak began as mentioned the 29th of July, but the nofap journey started way before then. At the age of 13 I began watching porn, and was blinded by all of its negative effects for years.

Around 14 I was known as the socially awkward kid, I would get made fun by other guys and was given that title by many of my friends. In high school I tried to be more extraverted, which resulted in me faking who I really am to try and impress my peers and in the end, I would go home, masturbate, and go to bed miserable. I got on a couple streaks that lasted longer than a week, but I was never able to completely stop watching porn.

Except I didn’t decide to stop watching porn, I decided to move on from it. It’s been by far the most difficult thing I’ve done and by far my biggest accomplishment, even though it will never be realized by anyone else but me.

Damn I still can’t believe I’m typing this.

Now those reading want to know the effects? Unbelievable. I went into the streak as a high school graduate who gained attraction from pretty girls, but I was unable to gain the self awareness and confidence to seal the deal and as a result my sexual encounters with women were extremely inconsistent (translation: very rarely).

Once I got to around a month, I really began to gain this swagger that people loved. Just during the fall, I hooked up with and had more one night stands with women than I had ever in high school. I wake up in the mornings thinking, “Seriously? This is happening to ME”. People throw around the word “superpowers”, I see at as more like reaching your true potential.

It wasn’t just girls though, my entire life had a bit more of a purpose. My first semester at University I received all A’s taking some pretty rigorous courses, something I had never done ever in my life. Don’t get me wrong, my life wasn’t perfect, but I was able to handle and respond in a much different way than before.

So how did I do it? Why did it work this time out of all the times I failed? I genuinely believed I could do it rather than just trying to beat porn. There’s a difference between trying and truly believing that you can beat this addiction. I had to first come to grips with the fact that if I don’t love myself first, that my willpower will always come short.

Let me tell you, this streak wasn’t perfect. I’ve had moments where I wanted to blow it all away, but something always kicked in. That something was my admiration for myself and what I want to be in life.

Today you have the opportunity to take control of your life. We all have 24 hours to make something out of the day. Go and explore a new restaurant, talk up a conversation with the cute cashier, walk around the mall looking for a new style, do things that will help you move on from pmo.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, thank you all for your posts because they really have made a difference in my life.

I would also say that the energy that I have is unbelievable. I think of it as a natural high, where I’m just driving along, listening to some good rock and just yelling out the window in joy kind of energy, despite what is actually going on in my life. There are times where I’m stuck on something and my brain chimes in, almost as if all of that energy is going towards more ideas in my head, things I’d never thought of.

As you can see, I could write a novel on all of the benefits so far, with that in mind also remember that nofap is half the battle, almost acts as a catalyst for whatever your goals are in life so set goals as you’re on this journey, work on them while you’re on this streak, and you’ll begin noticing results. Best of luck to ya

If there is something I noticed in terms of why this time worked was because of the progress I was making before. I had gotten to 5 weeks, failed. Maybe another 5-6 weeks, failed. I think my last failed attempt was at 7 weeks and then I made myself a goal from there: “I am not going into college on anything less than a month streak” and when I got to college, i never wanted to do it again.

Also change of scenery definitely helped. Now that I’m back home, I was definitely tempted a little more because I was around the place where i fapped the most. I’m not suggesting move, I suggest get into a positive habit.

For me, I like to wake up as early as possible, hit a workout, go to work or do whatever I have to do for the day, hang out with friends or family after, and then reflect on the day, whether that’s chillin outside looking at nature, or driving in the car listening to peaceful music.

The point is, the habits involve me placing myself outside of where I always failed, and it’s had an opposite effect. If I ever feel tempted, I can simply walk into my car, and bam temptations stop. Why? Because the same trick you’ve always played on yourself to fap can work the opposite if you at least put yourself in other situations that you enjoy.

Don’t always focus on how deep you’re into this addiction, don’t be scared of failing the longer you go, focus on developing positive habits and you’ll be well on your way to gaining that momentum to finally quit. Best of luck and feel free to message me for help.

It’s great to have sex during a streak, I think for me it really helped me realize all of the negative effects of porn (not to say that it does that for everyone).

For example, when I look at a girl I don’t think of what she looks like when we have sex, rather what it feels like when we have sex.

Having sex off the bat is a little tricky, I’d say wait a week, or whatever feels a little more uncomfortable so your body and mind can begin to cope without pmo.

I go to a pretty good party university in the United States, so bars and house parties is where they usually start out.  With one night stands I usually give off the vibe that I’m not looking for a relationship before any true chemistry develops. Focus on just having a good time, and the next morning communicate your intentions to make sure it’s all clear. Communication is really the crucial thing, whether direct or indirect, it’s never a fun situation when both aren’t on the same page.

19 turning 20 in a few months. Let me tell you this, it doesn’t matter if you’re broke, rich, good looking, or depressed, everyone has 24 hours in a day to improve their life.

That’s what is so great about this subreddit, it involves so many people that are willing to improve their life. You’re alive and have the opportunity to work harder and kick ass for 24 hours harder than anyone else. Go for it.

LINK – Hours away from 365 days…never thought I’d be typing this a year ago. An experience of a lifetime.

By Like_My_Turkey_Cold