Age 19 – Better Focus and Greater Mental Strength, more muscles and energy, stealthy looks from girls

I started PMO quite late compared to others, when I was 16-17 years old. Curiosity turned into an addiction and in the last 2 years I was using it as a crutch to cope with stress and negativity.

Some of the benefits I’ve seen in the last 3 months :

  1. Better Focus and Greater Mental Strength : I’m able to focus a lot better than earlier. The mind fog is there but significantly reduced. I can swear by cold showers. Even to this day I am hesitant to step under the cold shower at first but after the initial 30 seconds I love it. I come out as a roaring lion as another fapstronaut had stated in an earlier post. Also urges considerably reduce post the shower considering bath time was my achilles heel for MO. I can look people in the eye although I’m not 100% confident yet but this is a great improvement from the super awkward myself 3 months back. I feel emotions much deeper now, a far cry from the earlier numb self.
  2. Energy : Even if I feel lazy I’m able to kick myself in the ass making myself to get up and get stuff done. I was energetic even after 60-90 minutes of rigorous gym workouts before I met with an accident 4 weeks ago. I had completely snapped both the tibia and fibula of my right leg. Had to undergo a surgery to have it fixed with a plate. The thing is I did not feel dizzy or chilly in the slightest post the accident. I attribute it to the strength gathered from not fapping. I am sure it would have been different had I been fapping.
  3. Attraction and Looks : I have been getting compliments the last 2-2.5 months for my improved looks. Sure I worked out harder in the gym thanks to nofap. I have put on some healthy weight as I am skinny. It was nearly impossible prior to nofap. Have caught a few girls looking at me stealthily, haha.
  4. No More Deceit : I no longer act surreptitiously when my parents are around. Earlier I was on the lookout for secrecy to watch porn and fap, trying to make false sounds of tap and water in the bathroom to give out the impression that I’m taking a dump. Funny but Embarrassing.

But of late I have been having immense urges as I’m at home recovering post fracture and binge on BuzzFeed videos. The Panic Button has been my saviour and I’m simply not going to give in to these damn urges. This forum is always there to fall back upon in those times of hardship.

And I would like to give each one you super duper Fapstronauts a high five for doing this. I cannot express the gratitude I feel towards this reddit forum. If it wasn’t for this I would have continued to live the meaningless life of a zombie.

Here I am off to 180 days. :))))))

LINK – 100 Days Report : New Me

by 1313aaaa