Age 19 – Boners are back! Sleep improvement, less brain fog


Been batin since ~13, porn since ~14. The biggest benefit for me by a thousand miles so far is I get morning wood and a few spontaneous boners throughout the day (started happening around week 4-5). I’m age 19.

I went through high school never having hooked up with a girl, so P.I.E.D. crept up on me without me knowing. Shocking how quick the damage of porn can begin to reverse though.

Huge improvement in sleep, specifically dreams. Literally was dreaming (and remembering them) every night it was crazy, made for super restful sleeps.

Also significantly less brain fog which i noticed improved pretty linearly from week to week so my concentration in school and mood improved. I have always been a pretty mellow person who was relatively unshook by most things and im slowly starting to feel like that lack of engagement with real life situations may have been from a “dulled” brain from porn

I’m second year college now

Longest streak prior to this one was 4 weeks. As I reflect I realize how baffling the whole journey has been. Cockiness is what will get ya haha, one of the things nofap has been is very humbling. There’s something to be said for failing continuously for years, I definitely learned a lot along the way.

[Response to question about how to succeed] Definitely wasn’t just one single trick, i guess overall it would be the experience i had from past attempts (and failures)

-began to realize patterns of when i would relapse (then trie to avoid them)

-Increasing sense of garbageness/frustration/annoyance for not having quit by now

-Read up on the scientific stuff of addiction/cravings on your brain on porn so when i got really bad cravings and stuff i wouldnt be able to talk myself into relapsing as easily

-A lot of reminding myself of why i didnt want to be addicted to porn anymore (sort of meditating i guess)

Also when i made it to 4 weeks i was just white knuckling it out, didn’t have a long term sustainable method of staying off porn.


[Comments by others]

[First guy] honestly the thing that shifted me from 4 weeks to 4 months to half way to four years was mostly a combination of keeping myself busy, giving myself a reason to stay clean, and dumb luck.

I worked my ass off, and was able to get through the worst of the urges in a work environment, with no way to relapse. I worked on my self esteem and realised how proud I should be of all I’d accomplished; made it much easier to brush off urges, as the loneliness and feeling of insignificance is the main root of PMO addiction. I also found a special girl and imagined how I would feel around her if I relapsed. And luck played a big part: Sometimes I would binge for a week, other times I would streak for a month; You’ve just gotta know that what you’re doing is right, and if you’ve got a good enough reason, eventually it will all fall into place.

[Second guy] Usually, the worst time for me to try and keep up with the streak is free time. When I am busy with college, work, personal issues, after-hours projects, music, etc., I have no urges whatsoever.

When more relaxed time comes over, I try to prevent urges before they come – sometimes contacting one of my girl friends (NOT girlfriends, I do not have a girlfriend, nor girlfriends lol) for a little chat time and a good ol’ friend hug at the end of the meet can “discharge” my energy enough to keep me going through the easier days.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting to know yourself and your biological clock. “Better safe than sorry”, as I tend to say recently (and my badge [100+ days] reflects that perfectly 😉 )

LINK – Two Weeks from 90 Days, Took Me ~2.5 years to get this far

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