Age 19 – Boners stronger than ever. My thoughts are clearer. I’m more social. I’m more involved, more willing to try new stuff.


Unlike many others who did nofap for the superpowers, I did it simply because I did not want to be a slave to porn and my urges. I did not like the fact that I couldn’t go a few days without masturbating or/and watching porn. I wanted to be free nothing more. But as the journey progressed I could see its effects.

After a streak of about a few days. I would feel energetic. After about a week I would feel more alive than ever. Unfortunately most of my steaks have been only 7-10 days long. My current one is 25+ days. I never thought I’d make it. It’s been more than 35 odd days since I even viewed porn.

We hardly realise how porn and masturbation is affecting our lives. I am 19 and I have been pmoing since I was 13-14. Now that I’ve stopped I am able to see how much it was affecting me.

  • My boners are now stronger than ever.
  • I am also able to hold it for longer.
  • My girlfriend said it looks bigger. Fuck yeah.
  • My voice is deeper.
  • My thoughts are clearer.
  • I’m more social.
  • I accomplish so much during a streak.
  • People around me can see the difference.
  • I’m more involved, more willing to try new stuff.

Nofap is the first step towards changing your life. I strongly urge everyone to try it and see it for themselves. Nofap really has changed me as a person and I never want to go back to the person I was. Porn and masturbation is numbing us to the world. It’s affecting our sexual relationship, sex is so much better when you’re on nofap. It’s affecting every sphere of your life. From motivation issues to ED problems.

PMO is preventing us from living our lives to the fullest. Nofap really can change your life. It really works. Do not do it for the superpowers, do it because you’re not a slave to your desires, to porn, to masturbation you will automatically see the effects and superpowers everyone talks about. Do not throw away the pleasure of living for a few minutes of detrimental pleasure. I want all of you to feel what I’ve felt. My journey has just started. Hope yours starts too.

LINK – Nofap can improve the quality of your life

by Tylerdurden0809

Update – 90+ days

Hi Fapstronauts, I am now 90+ days in. The transformation in me has been nothing short of phenomenal. A year ago if someone had told me “Dude, stop fapping your life will change dramatically” I would’ve laughed. How can not touching your dick have any effect on the quality of your life? Yes it does and I can vouch for that. At the start of the journey I was a little skeptical too, as my streak increased I could see the benefits. I failed a lot of times. 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days.. I did fail. But I did not stop trying, I could see the fruits, I could see the benefits, I could see the effect it had on me. I tried and tried and let me tell you fellas, IT IS WORTH IT. NoFap is the catalyst to the reaction. The destination does not matter , the journey does, I did not understand this line until I started NoFap. The journey is beautiful. mine has just started, even if I am 300+ days in I would say it has just started. I still have a lot to gain and that mindset is the only way to keep moving forward in life and Nofap. Here are some highlights from my journey :

•Once you improve your life with Nofap, you want more. You see all these aspects in your life which needs attention, which can be improved. You start noticing how you can constantly improve yourself. Its like once you see how porn and masturbation was ruining your life you want only the best. I uninstalled facebook, instagram and snapchat. I noticed these were just wasting my time. I felt I could use the time I spent on social media sites rather productively doing something else.

•I started writing , I started a blog. I am not a great writer but I just want to express my thoughts and feelings. I started writing to newspapers and started answering questions on quora recently. I hope to continue and stay on track. I want to read more and improve my writing.

•I started coding courses online. I’ve always to code and develop apps. I have just started learning android studio. I have finally started acting on my interests.

•I am now far more dynamic than I was. I want to go out there and get stuff done. I attended a workshop on startups yesterday, I met a person with very similar ideas on starting up. We’ve decided to meet up in college(I’m a sophomore) and talk about our ideas. I also talked to the founder of a startup and he invited me to his office. Hopefully I get a chance to work there. I asked questions during the seminars given by founders of successful startups. I did not hesitate, I was not shy to ask questions in front of a crowd.

•I am now not hesitant to start conversations with new people. I am surprised as to how freely I am able to communicate. It is a really great feeling getting to know new people.

•I treaded the path of spirituality during my semester break. I read spiritual books and saw videos on spirituality on YouTube. It showed me glimpses of what life is about, what matters in life and how to live a truly fulfilling life. I say glimpses because I ofcourse don’t have my life figured and spirituality should always be a part of our life. It enables us to LIVE life.

•Previously everytime I fapped, I used to feel content with my life. I was simply not giving attention to my life. I mean how can I give attention to my life if my brain believes I am living a content life? It is simply an illusion we were under. Once I stopped fapping it was like a fire up my ass. I had to do something in order to get the same dopamine rushes I was getting from watching porn. I had to do things that made me feel good physically (like working out), mentally and spiritually.

This is all I remember now, I will write as and when I remember. NoFap itself will not magically transform your life, you should not focus on NoFap if you focus on not fapping alone you are bound to fail. This is a mistake I did early on. Instead focus on other things like making your life better, making yourself better. Workout, start that course you always wanted to, go talk to that girl, talk to your parents, talk to your brother/sister. Stay alive, stay in the moment. Do not waste your precious energy and time watching two people have sex on a screen. A favourite quote of mine :

If you have a greater purpose in life you will never surrender to PMO

Go out there find that greater purpose do not go to the comforting hands of PMO. Never give up. All the best fapstronauts!!