Age 19 – Confidence, dating, no longer friendless

From the ages of 13-19 I PMO’d on average once per day. I first saw porn when I was 11, and first started MOing when I was 13. My PMO habits were the worst this past summer, averaging about 3 PMO events per day.

I was also rather depressed this summer, the depression mainly deriving from extreme social anxiety and my reaching of the nadir of my self-esteem. Stumbled across nofap by chance, and thus my journey begun.

FLATLINE A flatline seemed to hit me right out of the gate, from days 14-16 till about day 60. Was very sad during this period, and also very irritable, but did not have any desire to PMO, so I avoided relapse. For the first two weeks I felt about the same as I did when I was still PMOing, but I noticed I had more spar time due to my lack of PMOing.

BENEFITS (Realized after emergence from Flatline) More sociable – I actually don’t think abstaining from PMO has necessarily made me more sociable, but that rather care less about the opinions of others, which in turns begets an attitude conducive to sociability. I am now no longer friendless, and for the first time in my life I can confidently say that I am someone else’s best friend. It feels great.

Confidence – I had the courage to walk into a restaurant and ask for a job application, which prior to nofap I would never have had the courage to do. I have now had this job for the past month and its great! It only pays 10$/hour, but that is better than being jobless. I also asked a cute girl out on a date, and she responded yes. At the end of the date she gave me her phone number. This was 2 weeks ago. We’ll see how things turn out 🙂

All in all, things have gone well since my flatline ended. I don’t expect to be fully cured of social anxiety and lower confidence until about day 365 or so. Thanks for reading.
LINK – 120 Day Report

by Dreamlite


I finally got to 1 year PMO free today! If I can do it you can too, just dig deep!

I’m single. I’m not gay. I just care that much about getting girls at the age of 19. I have a long life ahead of me.

Urges stopped a long time ago (Day ~60 I think?)

All benefits at this stage don’t come directly from NoFap, they come from other things such as healthy diet, exercise, better work ethic etc.

NoFap helped me to develop those skills but after a while you stop having tons of energy and it becomes sheer discipline to maintain them.

LINK – One Year today!

by Dreamlite