Age 19 – Confidence is sky-high, Can talk to anyone, No more brain fog, Better image of girls

I (19 Male) started NoFap because I was sick and tired of not having any social interaction with girls, and I desperately wanted a girl to sleep with. I also had mild PIED. I was jacking off at least 1 times a day, some days 2 (to porn obviously).

I decided to give NoFap a try.

During NoFap

After 1-2 weeks I already felt extremely different, and noticed I got an increased drive to connect with people. I also felt like doing something, always! Anyway, I sort of became addicted to the feeling of having an increased sexual drive. I could redirect this energy anywhere. When I did go out, I could easily talk to anyone I wanted. Confidence was sky-high.

Now before NoFap while going out, I didn’t have much activity with girls (almost none). During my streak, I kissed about 8 girls while going out. I realized being intimate girls isn’t that much of a big thing as I thought it was. You realize girls are also people.

What I also noticed is an increased experience of emotions. I realized that by fapping everyday you suppress your emotions.

End of hard mode streak

So today, I ended my hard mode streak and completed my initial ‘goal’ of having intimate sex with someone. After 1 month of NoFap however, this goal was not nearly as important to me as before. You realize sex is not the only thing in the world. Connecting with people was way more valuable to me than before.

I can honestly say that without NoFap I would not have found this girl, and I would still be in the same spot where I was before NoFap. I’m never fapping again.

What helped me

  • Cold showers. Seriously, I still take them. What I do is start off with hot water and wash myself, then turn cold and spend 5 minutes under an ice-cold shower. Afterwards I feel like a king. Can recommend it to anyone. Also kills your boners and fantasies.
  • Not spending as much time on NoFap, and not focusing on your streak that much. I know, I was also guilty of spending hours and hours reading about NoFap, spending time on the NoFap reddit, and seeing my day counter increase with 1 everyday. But after a month, you realize that it isn’t helping you towards being the person you want to be. Exercise, meditate, study, or find a new hobby is my advice to you.
  • In the beginning, the NoFap Emergency tool helped me very much. After that, I just told myself I don’t fap anymore.
  • Contrary to what I said about not spending hours and hours reading about NoFap, I suggest reading some articles of YourBrainOnPorn, to further increase your willingness to stop jacking off to porn.

Since you all like lists, here are the benefits I noticed:


  • Feeling of being in control of yourself
  • Confidence is sky-high
  • Can talk to anyone, also wanting to talk to anyone
  • My acne is almost completely gone, probably in also because of the cold showers
  • Happier in general
  • More productive, no more fapping your stress away
  • Clear head, no more brain fog
  • Better image of girls, not thinking about sex all the time
  • Having a real, deep connection with a girl
  • Increased memory
  • Energy. A lot of energy. Really, a lot.

About wet dreams

When I did have a wet dream, I didn’t feel the benefits as much as before the wet dream. But after 5-7 days, I felt energetic again, and I was noticing increased benefits. I noticed that when my mind was more occupied with sexual thoughts, I was more likely to have a wet dream that night. So if you want to reduce the amount of wet dreams, try not to think about sexual stuff as much.

If you want to ask anything, ask away! I am more than happy to answer. Stay strong everyone!


LINK – 110+ Days Hard Mode Succes Story

by woutie70