Age 19 – Deeper voice, more confidence, friendliness, a dominant leader

I’ve made some huge changes in my life recently, NoFap being the catalyst for all of it. Deeper voice, more confidence, friendliness, easygoing, fun, a dominant leader, masculinity.

All these things are things women pick up on, in the way you speak, in the way you interact with other people.

This morning I happened to show up early to my english class, and it was just me, my friend Jake, and this nice-looking girl for a little bit sitting in the classroom. I struck up a friendly conversation with my friend for a bit; he was sitting in front of me (but facing back to me obviously), and the girl just facing forward in fromt of me as well. As our convo was winding down, I started to ask the girl something about our mutual calculus class. Thing is, I didn’t really change the tone of my voice, or address her by name first, I had just started to say “Do you know…” when she just turned around and started engaging with me, like she already knew that I was going to ask her something.

Guys, girls pick up on this stuff. Don’t ask me how, and this is just one example, but they know how to pick out a cool guy.

LINK – Subtle Changes around Girls

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19, started PMO like freshman year of HS and it progressed to 4 times per week at worst. Started to fight it during the summer b/w S and J year, and I didn’t find NoFap until well into J year.

I can’t believe how beautiful women are now or at least how I’m actually noticing it now that I’ve almost entirely cut out PMO. I remember in the first two years of NoFap when I was in high school and not doing so well streak-wise, I would notice how amazing it felt to be actually attracted to women for who and what they are, and I wouldn’t want that feeling to go away when I relapsed. Now that I’m once again on a long “streak,” just every interaction I have with women is infinitely more satisfying than PMO.

Also, I’ve done a lot of self-improvement and investment (to the point where I don’t really need validation from other people at all because I’m completely comfortable with who I am), so now women are actually attracted to ME now (yes, I said that correctly, women are attracted to men, contrary to how we act sometimes, like putting them on a pedestal) I just feel blessed to wake up every day and grow as a person, rather than sitting in my room fapping.

Nofap has enabled me to make changes that had hot girls at my college orientation treating me like an alpha(hate to say it but there’s no point in denying that yes, there is definitely a social hierarchy, at least from a girls point of view)

Here are some profound statements from literature I want to share

“What is a man if his chief good and market of his time be but to sleep and feed [and fap]” -Hamlet

“Those born in a gilt cradle and have never wanted for anything, do not know what happiness life contains” -The Count of Monte Cristo (I think this applies to NoFap in that I appreciate so many more things now b/c my fight to end this addiction; we are better men through our struggles)

“There are those who have suffered so much and yet have not succumbed to their sufferings, but instead have built up a new fortune on the ruins of their former happines.” -The Count of Monte Cristo

“Man, how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom! Cease; you know not what it is you say.” -Frankenstein (say this every time someone tells you PMO is ok 🙂


LINK – I can’t believe how beautiful women are now