Age 19 – Energy & love of life is higher, Confidence & eye contact is great, Becoming closer to my family.


Well guys. Today is my 4th week of this lifestyle. It is truly impacting. Here are some benefits I noticed so far.

  1. I’m no longer tired when I sleep in.
  2. My energy and love of life is higher.
  3. Something about my skin is different. It just looks so much better. It looks darker in tone yet at the same time glowier and bright.
  4. My eyes have a glow to them. They look the same but are brighter and look more pure.
  5. My piss and sweat smells like semen. (This isn’t really a benefit but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.)
  6. My confidence and eye contact is great! I can hold it and smile at everybody. Men, babies, children, and women alike. Even the gorgeous ones. I wanted to compliment a woman on her shirt in a store today simply because I thought it was funny. I left before I saw her again though.
  7. My intrigue in people is becoming genuine. I care more about connecting.
  8. My nut busting desire has dropped. Yes I still love sex and desire it, but I no longer have the compulsive need to “bust a fuckin’ nut!” like most guys out there.
  9. I’m becoming closer to my family. I’m not as quiet and reserved as I used to be, especially around them.

Overall these 4 weeks have been amazing and will continue to get better! What was I thinking by fapping everyday?

LINK – 4 week results: Amazing Results!!!

by EthericAssassin