Age 19 – Fire in my eyes, motivated, energized, full of love and positivity


I wake up every morning, full of energy. Go outside, for a run, eat some healthy breakfast and read books, educate myself or study for my bachelors degree in civil engineering. Gaming and every other way of wasting time is completely out of my mind. I focus on things and get them done, most of these things are actually a lot of fun to me even though they’re technically not. (Used to be boring af to learn or read books, wouldve never done so before NoFap)

Everything seems to be fun, especially socialising with people (and girls!!) I’m not afraid to have strong eye contact and if I see a woman I like, I’ll go up to her and tell her. Maybe ask for a number, maybe ask for a date. I see myself as super fucking sexy and there hasn’t been a day for weeks where I haven’t been super fucking happy all day. It has never been this way in my live and I strongly doubt that this is what you call normal.  

On 4th of january, after a period of 88 days in which I pmo’d once and mo’d once, my mind clicked. I’ve become a new person, and pretty much experience most/all the benefits you are discussing on r/nofap. I’ve become an energetic and positive human, meditate, read a lot, study a lot and do sports and all kind of fun and social activities.

I’ve basically become a new person and with that comes a completely new perspective of everyone and everything surrounding me. I feel superior to everyone.

For me this feels really great and really strange at once, somewhat like being in a simulation/illusion where I have a profound perception of everything inside and outside of it. (Anyone here seen the movie Matrix?) Just curious if anyone had a similar experience.. I know it’s hard to describe.. tried it anyway.

I’m extremely excited about summer coming closer and closer and I’ll be finally able to start parcours for the first time of my life (always was so impressed by people who made back flips and mad spin jumps..) This summer.. is gonna be mine!

I’m 19 years old. The reasons I quit: feeling lonely, low energy, lack of confidence, overall unsatisfied with how I look and what I’d reached in life so far

LINK – Anyone else having the feeling of living in an illusion?

By xThe_RoB


For me it is very hard to realize what about me/how I changed since I’ve implemented NoFap in my life.

Since Octobre 6th of 2016, I’ve mo’d twice. Once to porn.. Currently I’m on a 44 day streak and for the first time I feel like relapsing wouldnt even be close to being worth it. Since I’m dealing with myself every day, it’s very hard for me to notice changes. Thus I might just write down my feelings and thoughts and ask you whether you think I’ve reached the point where everyone in this sub is trying to get to:

When I wake up, happy, healthy. I look in the mirror and what I see is pure beauty. My muscles’ glance, the fire and blaze in my eyes. Motivated to get things done. Energyzed, full of love and positivity, all day, everyday. Going outside for a run, going to the gym. 1-2 times a day. Studying, reading, improving myself. Eating healthy, meditating 20 minutes a day, clearing my mind.

Getting rid of every so negative thought that might be left somewhere in my brain. Life is amazing, appreciate it and seize the day. In the gym, this is where I feel home. People know me, people greet me, smiles and eye contacts everywhere. I feel great! Get that body shredded! Awesome! Friend planned a party tonight! Let’s go.. Thoughts on drugs, cigarretes, alcohol? Are you mental? Never ever in my life. Music? Pure emotion. Gaming, instagram, facebook? A pure waste of time!

Youtube? A great platform to watch interesting documentaries about history and the universe, videos about self improvement, advice on social skill, fitness, grooming, style, meditation techniques? Currently reading a book called “the code to an extraordinary mind” by Vishen Lakhiani. Great read!! Mastering your own mind is the most important thing on the way to achieving unimpeachable contentment, the inner peace.

Have I succeeded yet?


UPDATE – Paradise is real + My Story

I started on 6th of Octobre 2016 (discovered Nofap reddit, knew this was going to be my future) Followed by 2 months of beginners phase, became better and better over time though. (Only 2 relapses in these 2 months) Last relapse on 6th of decembre 2016, clean ever since. In the days around new years eve, my whole attitude towards EVERYTHING changed. I suddenly enjoyed reading, didnt want to waste time anymore, bursts of positive energy etc.

I’ll never forget the day: 6th of January 2017. I woke up and felt amazing. I loved myself. I loved everything around me and everything I was doing. I lost all tension and all fear, it felt like heaven. And it still feels like heaven ever since, every day, it still does.

Sure there has been some minor minor setbacks like having a cold, stress etc. (meditation helps!) But overall this state I’m in right now feels like heaven. It is the paradise everyone talks about and the haters assume to be a myth. I’m certainly not overexaggerating here or talking about this in any ironic way… the Nofap-paradise is real. And I’m the f*cking king in this paradise.

My estimated formula for access to this paradise is the following:

  • 90 days of NoFap Monk Mode to be save

Combining it with:

  • at least 1 icy cold shower every day
  • hitting the gym 5-7 times a week + healthy nutrition
  • meditate 5-10 minutes every day
  • read 1-2 books a month (productive books!)
  • watch everything you can find on self development
  • get a goal in life and pursue your passion
  • try NoDrugs, NoAlcohol and NoCoffee (all works great for me!)
  • NoTV, NoGaming unlocks godmode-addon
  • get rid of toxic friends, raise standards

I also tried NoSocialMedia for some weeks.. really cool actually, had to come back to Social Media though because I started a business in this field but at least I’m not using it to waste time nowadays 😉

Well yea, there you have it. If you don’t love yourself right now and don’t feel like everything around you is in perfect harmony and pure heaven, do the steps I just described you can experience the same.

Most people don’t have the courage to do so.. strive for being the exception!