Age 19 – From shy to rocking sex life!


Since starting this thing I’ve completely changed. Previously I was a shy unmotivated anxious socially awkward teen virgin. Now I can say that I actually enjoy life and socialising with other hoomans. I never thought that this would work as well as it did.

I don’t usually kiss and tell but who the fuck cares. I’ve fucked 3 different girls since i started haha. The first girl came on to me really strong. The other two I initiated. Nofapconfidence for the win 🙂

Who knew that something that is generally becoming more socially acceptable could be so destructive on my life? I feel like I’m in the movie “Limitless.” The crazy thing is I’m only 44 days in so things can only improve from here.

I’m moving to aus tomorrow and I’ll be staying in Melbourne city centre. I’m so excited.

Anyhooo if anyone actually read this I really don’t care this is a good place to vent my thoughts 🙂

Nofap is like “Limitless” without the addiction. The self progression that he went through feels like what i’ve gone through. It makes it even better because you don’t have to depend on a drug.

I’m 19 and I would mastrubate once or twice every day pretty much since i was 10/11. I didn’t even know it had such negative effects. When people talk about it, I get the impression that it is a normal and healthy thing to do. SO WRONG

edit: I’ve also noticed that my writing skills have improved. I can put my thoughts into words much easier.

LINK – I love life! (44 day review)

By kalupaw