Age 19 – Happier, Less anxious, Eyes are alive, More motivated to succeed, So much energy

Hey guys,

Now you might be like “oh wow he’s only 9 days in to the challenge, big woop!” But I honestly think I can do this guys. Today I accidentally came across some porn graphic material in some forum and once I saw it I felt sick and disgusted! Its like my brain is trying to trip and make me watch it all over again and ruin me just like before… Anyway I quickly clicked of the page and listened to some music whilst doing some push ups to take my mind of it, anyway let’s get to the good bit. :)

I know its only been 9 days but I’m starting to get the old me back! In just 9 days I feel like I’m going to actually achieve this goal. Benefits so far below:

  • more happy
  • less anxious
  • skin is much better
  • eyes are alive
  • so much energy
  • my arm gains are so much noticeable
  • remain eye contact
  • more motivated to succeed

Yes in just 9 days, porn had ruined me and if I carried on I would of been in a dark place (I keep telling myself this whenever I get a urge) trust me guys I know 90 days in a while without porn but it will only get better over time :) and I cant wait!

I am exercising more and meeting people, due to the amount of energy and spare time I have. I hate sitting around doing nothing as this only makes me more bored and you know what happens when you get bored.

Wishing you all the best of luck!

LINK – The new me!

BY – Time2StopUK