Age 19 – HOCD is disappearing

I first started watching porn at the start of puberty around 12-13 ( lost my virginity at 13 ). I started off with vanilla porn and even pictures of sex blowjobs etc.

Then i started watching POV anal porn which then escalated on to gay porn!

I lost my natural sexual tastes which was obviously women. But porn took over and manipulated me into obsessing i was gay. Please stay away from porn!!!

I got real depressed and lost myself (i had been real confident and outgoing.) Then around 17-18 i found nofap and here i am today still going with loads of relapses! I definitely advise you to stay well clear of all drugs and getting drunk!

Nofap works and it has sorted my HOCD out! I now find women beautiful again! Sure i still have spikes here and there but overtime it’s sorted itself out! Stay positive peeps you are all awesome.

I am 19 years old turning 20 next month.

LINK – For the people who suffer for HOCD nofap is the way out of this mess!

by Lingod