Age 19 – I don’t have that ‘must not fap’ mentality anymore and it feels great


I am finally free from porn, masturbation, and NOFAP and this may be my last post. I’ve been on nofap since early 17, and I am now 19, and I think you know when you are done relapsing when you forget about doing it and not doing it.

I don’t have that must not fap mentality anymore and it feels great, Ive just realized that for the past few months, I’ve just been living my life, and pursuing my degree.

I think the best thing I have learned from this nofap experience that I can share for those struggling, is that as long as you have goals and a plan everyday to get you closer to that goal, you will never need meaningless pleasure to satisfy your self, because a purpose in life will provide you all the satisfaction you need because in m the end you will want to remember what values you lived by, and how you impacted the world with your passion for your purpose.

I am completely clueless as to what day I am on, but I know that I have not masturbated in more than 90 days, I haven’t been thinking about pmo or Reddit in ages, I just downloaded this app to post this.

LINK – I have beat nofap (my last post)

By testo99