Age 19 – I feel like I could do anything in this world

I could write a huge list about my experiences, but i came here to tell you this that i’ve found an apartment, and i’m getting to 5+ different job interviews ! I currently live in Finland, so no worries with the money. But yeah my life is really getting better day by day ! I never imagined myself moving out until i got an education, a job, a wife and i’m at least 21-22.. But i guess NoFap is really magical, i feel like i could do anything in this world, i feel so independent.

I was that problematic teenager who came here every time i had a problem, i was that kid who came here every time i was in trouble, i was that kid who managed to quit cigs, weed and PMO and that kid who got his life together.

Right in this moment, i feel this extraordinary feeling in my chest.. And i keep thinking is it love that i feel? Is it excitement that i feel? I can’t figure it out, i wasn’t always like this. Time really changes people. I remember when i just turned 17, and i started smoking cigarettes and weed with my new friends, and after i turned 18, i met new friends again, and i’ve learned so much from them and also got hurt by them too while experiencing so much together, it feels like a lifetime.

These 2,5 years have really been the longest time of my life so far, after quitting cigs, weed and PMO, been less problematic teenager and learning more about myself and this world, it’s really been a bumpy ride.

After i lost my way in this world, i didn’t know who i was, i had no direction, i didn’t know anything about this world, i had no one to help me, not my parents, not my friends, all me alone, until i found you guys here, you helped me get myself back on tracks and now my life is so good at the moment.

I don’t know how to thank you guys, but you guys rock ! Keep it going and keep fighting, you can do it ! Trust me after your brain is recovered atleast 50%, you will see every little thing differently in this world and you will feel like a kid again 😀 In a good way of course.

So thanks for everything guys =) I hope everything goes well when i move out next week !

Good luck to everyone out there who are fighting the urges, you’re not alone and you will survive eventually, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion !

 LINK – Big news ! Moving out from my parents, getting a job too ! My life has just begun here, my last post here !

By BalkanRay

UPDATE – People call me a legend nowadays

I’ve become so social that people say i’m cool, i’m funny, i’m a good guy but mostly i hear ” you’re a legend ”. I don’t know why my friends call me like that but i’ve become pretty social lately, i always have but PMO has been there to give me social anxiety, insecurities etc..

I’m pretty cheerful, i joke a lot, enthusiastic, pretty confident and i am happy all the time, like i laugh a lot and i make people laugh too, i have this positive energy some say haha

Man at the end of the day i’m always like ” NOO I WANNA LIVE LIFE MOREEE ” well life is amazing when you think about it.. it’s short and i wanna live life to the fullest and achieve more happiness.

I don’t know about you guys but i’m on my way to become more cool, more funnier, more confident, more wild and just LIVE LIFE YOU KNOOOO