Age 19 – I just experienced what it feels like to love a girl

Throughout my teenage years, I did nothing but masturbate, internet binge, and play video games. Along with that, I had begun to develop crippling anxiety.

At first it was just around girls, but then it evolved into being afraid of everything.

I’m 19 now and I had a really bad experience with a girl 6 months ago which left me horrified of sex and relationships. To put it short and sweet, she was disgusted with me being uncircumcised :(.

I finally was just super depressed with life and stuff and came across nofap. I thought it was pretty damn stupid to be honest. I tried it for like a few weeks at a time and not much happened.

Then I found out about and that changed my perspective of nofap. It made me realize that my one night stands have been emotionless and empty, and it making making me into nothing more than a zombie, set up for a depressing future.

So I began what would be a 85 day streak and still going today, and the results are… Well… Insane, to put it the least.

It all happened when I met… Lets call her Clara. We met through mutual friends a couple years ago, and didn’t really know each other well. I’ve always had a pretty big crush on her, but after nofap, I realized all I wanted her for is sex. I gained the courage go talk to her on Facebook and eventually got her number. She turned out to be an amazing individual. Things escalated and turned into small dates, which turned into a relationship. Keep in mind I’ve never actually dated a girl longer than 3 weeks, so this was pretty huge in my world.

It’s 3 1/2 weeks into dating, and every day I feel more attracted to her emotionally, which has never happened before. This week I had my birthday and that’s when things sped up. Basically she had planned a whole day of activities for us to do, which I thought was really really awesome. I’ve never had anyone do something like that for me before. The night ended up with her giving me this insanely awesome gift and I basically broke down crying. I had a lot of emotions kept up from a couple a prior shitty years. I told her how Ive never had a girl care about me before like this. She made me realize how wrong my perspective of girls and people in general were. Well, that made her cry, and she said that she loves me. I said it back and I just held held her in my arms for a while after .

Sorry if it seems cheesy, but it made me extremely happy like never before 🙂

Yeah. Nofap is pretty damn awesome.

LINK- I think I just experienced what it feels like to love a girl

by deaddonkey69