Age 19 – I was skeptic about you guys at first…

I began NoFap (hard mode) in July as I wanted to get rid of my addiction to PMO. Although I was initially a skeptic about this subreddit, I went with on with it anyway hoping that my life would change for the better. I stopped fapping, watching porn, and procrastinating. I also began reading books (read the Power of Now, its awesome), putting more effort in schoolwork, engaging more in basketball, and socializing more with friends.

I visited NoFap everyday, reading through success stories and struggles of fellow redditors. Again I said was skeptic, especially with the changes some people experience as I couldn’t really see “concrete proof”. Boy was I glad that I was wrong. Since I started doing NoFap, I actually became closer with my female friends! Nervousness became less of an issue, and I stopped having random moments of depression.

I was never the macho man, I’m skinny, small, awkward, acne-scarred, and scrawny. But to my surprise one of the girls would even rest on my shoulder in class (even though she has a bf O_o). And the one who has a crush on me, has made more efforts to get closer (talking to me more, etc.).

And yeah I may have relapsed recently, but I’m willing to go another round and see where it takes me!

So yeah, sorry I ever doubted you guys!

LINK – I was skeptic about you guys at first…

by Chrome_Claymore