Age 19 – I was Weak-hearted, Pessimistic, Afraid, Nervous, Introverted: Not Any More!

I don’t know how I can express my feeling now. Its lot different as I never had such a clean mental feeling before in my life. Today I am celebrating 101st day of NOFAP.

After these 100 days without any relapse for even 1 time i feel so good about myself, this FORUM and my friends who gave me support in my tough times.

How my life was before.

I was too lethargic and pessimistic before getting into NOFAP challenge. I could never find any beauty in living. I was not knowing how important life is. Even though I was engaged in Music and literature i could not find any pleasure in those. I never tried to improve myself but i always thought about my misfortunes in life.

Emotionally I was so Sentimental, Weak hearted, Pessimistic, Afraid, Nervous, Introverted and more…

How I am now. I wonder how my life changed like this. What made such a drastic change in my life. Maybe NOFAP or else the strength i absorbed from it. Anyway LIFE IS GREAT.

Now I understood how important life is. How important each second is. I feel more happier than before and i can find happiness everywhere.

Now I became More Strong (physically &mentally), Bold, Courageous, Optimistic, Open-Hearted and Confident

How could i do this?

I never counted days. My aim was not to go a particular number of days and after that switching back to how i was before. I was always focused to improve my life conditions. I was always thinking how can i change my bad habits. I am seeing this small success as just a beginning. More yet to come in my path.

I started doing workouts. yoga and meditation so that I can make my mind strong enough to resist any bad thoughts. I find time for reading good books and gain knowledge. I used to hear good and soothing melodies and beats for inspiration. I concentrated in my studies and dedicated more time in productive things.

Finally, I fixed my schedule busy so that i didn’t even get time for PMOing. Even though I use to be alone at my place during day time. Even though I used internet alone, I COULD SAY GOODBYE TO PORN MAYBE NOW OR FOREVER…

Thank you All

LINK – Celebrating 101st Day of NOFAP..!!

by Masquerade