Age 19 – I’m meeting and enjoying people, taking up drumming and guitar


it’s been two years for me. I have went nomadic the past few months. I really have stopped keeping track of the days. It just felt like a leader board like I was more interested in how long it had been rather than what I had done in that time.

It felt good to take a step back and be away from the community for a bit. You just get caught up in reading everyone else’s success in their lives that you don’t try to find it in your own.

I don’t want this to sound like it was a huge decision for me to get off Reddit or act like this subreddit is worthless. It helped in my early stages and is a great support community.

Occasionally I will pop on, do a post, give support to others who are weary in the beginning, or read a thread here and there. It just seems silly to read about other’s success than try to find your own.

The past 2 years for me really have been discovering myself. There are a lot of questions about life and myself that I am still trying to find answers to. I’m only going to find them getting out there and experiencing the world instead of waiting for something good to happen.

I’m enjoying my life. I’m meeting and enjoying people, I’m learning more and more about myself, others, and the world. I have taken an interest in philosophy, probably one of the last things I’d consider. I have spent a good amount of time trying to find peace with myself.

I started doing drum sessions, I’m trying to learn guitar also, I have been taken yoga more seriously, and I now express how I feel about issues directly with others and by journaling.

I’ve used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a guideline and when I go back to school, I really want to satisfy that need for intimacy by finding someone I can connect with on a deeper level. A big issue for a long time was feeling comfortable with myself, setting my standards for a partner way too high, and knowing I’d view them in the wrong way.

Most of that anxiety is gone. I am trying to rid myself of fantasizing. Trust me, it is 10x harder than giving up masturbating. I fantasize still, it’s not where I do some kinky shit. It’s me being more intimate, connecting physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of it is sex, but it’s not me imagining them being an object.

I think research has shown men think about sex every 7 seconds. Just imagine you could do with yourself instead of thinking about that all the time. It’s mind blowing.

I encourage people to try that nomadic experience where they live without NoFap or Reddit for that matter to see how big of a difference it makes.

I’m turning 20 in a month. I was exposed [to porn] probably around 10.

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