Age 19 – I’m more human, confident, attractive to girls, invited to parties


I joined NoFap as a sceptic, I knew PMO was bad for me, but I never believed quitting it would give me any ‘superpowers’. I have now become a believer.

NoFap doesn’t give you any special ‘superpowers’ if you’re looking for it. It just makes you more Human.

You smile more, you cry more, you feel more. You want to learn more, accomplish more. You start realising that your life is gonna end one day and you are just wasting your time if you aren’t improving. You feel more confident around others not because they treat you some special way. You feel more confident being who you are. And that is why more people want to interact with you. They are attracted to your magnetic ‘Human’ personality.

During my streak, I realised I got more comfortable around girls and pursued more girls. I was more confident with the way I spoke to them, sometimes, just because I was generally so attracted to them. Like, not attracted to just their looks. Attracted to Them. Their personality, the way they speak, the way they smile, they way they do those little things they do without realising it. There were days I would be depressed or sad or lonely. But now, I had started to focus more on the positive and happy moments rather than dwelling on the sad ones. People treated me with more respect.

Before NoFap, I used to have to literally force my way into someone’s plans or parties, etc just because I felt so alone and friendless. After NoFap, people invited me themselves without me even trying anything. I hadn’t spoken to some of them since I started NoFap because NoFap made me realise if you have to force yourself on someone, it’s not worth it. Still they invited me. And I acted just how any normal non addict human would! People would want to be with me. I won’t go more into detail about the number of girls who were suddenly attracted to me because others have said enough about it. I’ll just say, it is all true. I have felt it. I have experienced it.

So even though today I stumbled on my journey, I still haven’t lost my way. I will fight on. I will continue. I will get back on the horse. You don’t stop learning to walk just because you fall down now, do you? As I look back at my experience in the past two months, my life has completely turned around. NoFap has been one of the best things that happened to me. So if you are a sceptic or just someone who stumbled across this subreddit and are wondering if all these people are crazy, trust me. We’re not. Just give it a shot. You will see the results for yourself.

Because of NoFap, I learned what it was like to be a human again. I learned what it was like to love, truly love someone selflessly, to feel emotions. To give more than I take. It is the best thing that has happened to me since a long time.

To all those who have relapsed, don’t lose hope or get discouraged. Tomorrow is a new day. A new beginning. Defeat in NoFap is not when you relapse. It is when you stop trying. Never stop trying and one day, you will conquer this addiction. Stay strong.

In my previous 2 10 day streaks I hit flatline both times right from the day I started. Maybe that was my flatline period. Because I don’t think I’ve got it this time. I didn’t pay much attention to it or the number of days I finished anyway.

After I started NoFap, I stopped giving girls and people in general so much importance. I concentrated more on improving myself and gave myself more priority above others. And girls were naturally attracted to me. Not because of some magic, but because I was better as a person. I was better at interacting. But at the same time, I didn’t look very desperate.

Also, I made a constant effort to not land up in the friendzone. If I was interested in a girl, I would subtly imply by my words and actions that I don’t want to be just a friend. Although I still don’t have any girlfriend. I did go on some dates with girls I thought were way out of my league before NoFap. And the best thing is, I didn’t even try that hard.

One of those ‘hot’ girls asked me out on her own. I went on a date but didn’t take it any further even though she was insanely hot. Because I didn’t like her as a person. It felt good for once to think from my brain rather than my dick. It felt liberating.

I am 19 years old. I had been addicted for 7 years. I did not experience any chaser. Just 2-3 small urges from my brain telling me-‘You’ve already relapsed. Might as well make the most of it one last time and start again tomorrow.’ But I didn’t give in. I didn’t even feel any of the bad effects of PMO except a little bit triedness. I guess I have rebooted a bit. I just need to keep going.

LINK – Stumbled, but still haven’t lost my way. (70 day report+motivation).

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